I wonder why Ayurvedic medicines still don’t strike as the first choice of people. Is it because it is time taking in the sense that it takes time to heal an ailment using the former. Most people go for allopathic medicines for almost all the ailments. Over-the-counter medicines are so popular among people of all the ages that they don’t even give a second thought to Ayurvedic medicines. But for me Ayurvedic medicines are the best. I believe that it helps remove the ailment without any side effects.

In fact Ayurvedic medicines date back to primeval period, known for its healing properties since long. Ayurveda has cure and medicines for almost any and every malady. It was very popular few years back since it has no side effects. However, in the recent times Ayurveda has gained popularity and has been in vogue. 

Ayurveda is well-known for its herbs which boost memory. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine is considered to be one of the best medicines in this regards and has been proved highly beneficial. In fact Ayurvedic medicines have also gained recognition in the overseas. Ayurvedic medicines have been used long ago to help regain the lost memory and revive the lost reminiscence. 

As stated in the Ayurvedic writings and journals, the human beings are made up of three kinds of energies, popularly known as ‘Tridoshas’. They are namely ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’, and ‘Kapha’. These Tridoshas should be present in the right amount and well-balanced in a human body for it to function properly. Any imbalance in these ‘Tridoshas’ give rise to ailments or diseases. 

Having said that, Ayurveda has numerous medicines, unique aromatic plants, and herbs at its disposal, which if used in proper quantity can not only revive lost memory but can enhance the storage capacity in human brain.

The good part is that these Ayurvedic herbs and drugs do not pose any threat in terms of side effects. Following is a list of age old memory enhancing medicines which are used even today.

  • Ashwagandha – Aswagandha is a well-known herbal plant whose beneficial properties are no more a secret. This plant is used as a relaxant and rejuvenator and helps calm anxiety. As we already know a cool and calm brain can be used to perform better.
  • Brahmi – This herb is primarily used as a stimulant usually for enhancing memory. This plant not only improves the intelligence but also aids in making your memory sharp. The use of Brahmi has been long known and this particular medicinal plant has the ability to break down the protein present in our brain, which in turn improves our ability to think and process information. This herb is also believed to be used against depression and anxiety. A head massage with this oil proves beneficial in inducing sleep and relaxing your mind. 
  • Ginkgo Biloba – This herbal plant is also known as maiden hair tree and is supposed to have properties that aid in improving memory. In addition, this medicinal herb is also used to perk up blood circulation which helps in the proper functioning of the brain. Using this herb can keep diseases such as Amnesia and Alzheimer’s at bay and in control.
  • Gotu Kola – This herb is used to enhance blood circulation in the entire body and brain. This medicinal plant has proved beneficial in elevating the attention span in humans. It also boost memory, protects brain cell from damage.
  • Giloy – This is yet another herb that facilitates in the proper functioning of the brain. In addition, this therapeutic herb helps in restoring the damaged brain cells. 
  • Mulethi – This herb has healing properties which is useful in dealing with stress. This medicine aids in the development of brain, helps to keep it cool, and enhances memory. 
  • Malkangani – This herb have properties to deal with ailments like depression and several mental illnesses. It also proves useful in people suffering from loss of memory.
  • Shankhpushpi – This is most familiar herb used in Ayurveda. This particular medicinal plant has proved as a good memory booster and stress reliever. It also helps in keeping blood pressure under control.
  • Vacha – This herb is popularly known as sweet flag. Like the above herbs, this herb also helps in the proper functioning of the brain, improves and betters memory, used as a sedative, and used to cure illnesses such as partial loss of memory, nervous system related issues.

The above herbs can be used to promote the proper functioning of brain and nervous system and help in dealing with various mental illnesses.

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