In Law field, there are many legal maxim & terms used in the Court.But other than the Law field people do not know the meaning of it.Here,i explained one of the Lagal Maxim which i know.
"Ubi jusi ibi remedium" it means "Every Right has a Remedy".The maxim means that 'whenever there is a legal right,there is a legal remedy'.It is also explained as 'there  is no wrong without a remedy'.
Jus means the Legal authority to perform or demand something.The principle enumerated in the maxim is that if a man has a right,he must,as a matter of course,have a means to enforce it.He can avail a remedy if he is injured in the exercise of it.It is a vain thing to imagine a right without a remedy.The right infringed must be a legal right.The remedy prayed for must be  a legal remedy.
The maxim does not lay down that there is a legal remedy for evry wrong.There are many Political,Moral and Religious wrongs.But they are not recognised by law.Therefore they are not actionable.In this connection Justice Stephan observed that it would be correctly intelligible if it wre said 'where there is no legal remedy,there is no legal wrong'.
This is useful to everyone to know the legal maxims.

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