In Law field, there are many legal maxim & terms used in the Court.But other than the Law field people do not know the meaning of it.Here,i explained one of the Legal Maxim which i know.
"Actio personalis moritur cum persona" it means "A personal right of action dies with the person".
This maxim relates to the extinction of liability of a person on his death.
The personal representatives of the deceased can always sue for the recovery of debts due to the deceased.But he cannot sue for the breaches which caused mere personal injuries on nthe deceased.
The personal representatives are liable so far as they have assets on all the covenants and contracts of the deceased executed in his lifetime.The action for debt on simple contract,except for rent cannot be maintainable against the deceased.
As soon as death occurs,the law divests the property right from the deceased and vests it on the personal representative.
No action will lie against the dead persons if the injury done by him to another is capable only of attracting the claim for unliquidated damages.

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