Intellectual property is intangible property or hidden property which is result of creativity of an individual or a group e.g. patents or copyrights. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are legal rights granted to the creator or inventor of the product/work for a specific period to prevent it from being pirated or copied as it may jeopardize the originality ad genuinity of the product or work of the creator. Protection of Intellectual Property is the major concern because of the market value of these hidden assets.

Scientific Invention, Industrial or Agricultural discoveries etc are some of the examples of Intellectual Property since it is the work of an individual or a group. Protection of such rights are accomplished by trademark, patent, copyright etc

A logo, word, phrase, picture, sound etc which is legally registered or established to represent a company or product is referred to as trade mark. It is used to distinguish one’s work from another. Trade secrets are essential to protect the secrets of a product or work.

A Design is a tool which relates to designing of the product resulting from the features of the colour, size, shape, texture or material of a product or its packing.

Candidates willing to take up a career in Intellectual Property Rights may opt for suitable courses. Some of the courses available are PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights, Patent Basics and Introduction to IPR, Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property Law and Certificate courses in IPR.

Job opportunities are available in Software Companies, Law firms, Science & Technology etc and many other companies.



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