Computer languages


Formula translation  is the expanded version of the language FORTRAN. Fortran is the first high level scientific language. It was developed by IBM in the year 1957. The latest form of this language id FORTRAN IV. John Baccus is considered the father of this language. Fortran compiler is available in almost all computers. This language finds its maximum use in engineering and scientific calculations.


2. BASIC ( Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

This language was invented by two American professors. It is programmed in a manner that is very simple and easy to understand. As the name indicates, it is meant for beginners in the study of computers. BASIC is common in micro computers. It consists of a set of statements. Each statement has a number onits left side. Numbering of the satements is the significance of this language program. In BASIC, calculations take place strictly in the numbering order.


3. COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)

It is the most popular and widely used business language in data processing. Cobol essentially has four divisions. They are
1. Identification
2. Environment
3. Data
4. Procedure.
The COBOL programme is simple to understand. Unlike other computer languages COBOL is extraordinarily voluminous.



Pascal is named after the French mathematician Blasie Pascal. In 1971, scientist Nicholos Worth developed this language. Pascal program can give the subject a structural form. The most important feature of this language is that the given problem is solved logically prior to programming. Another important feature is that the number of letters in a variable is not limited. This makes programming more comfortable and easier to manipulate until a clear and comprehensive solution for the problem is reached.


5. C

The C - language was developed at the Bell Laboratory, USA in 1972. Programming in C - language is comparatively easier. Both the capital and small letters of English language can be used in the C - language. It has a unique ability to operate both at the system and the application level.



This is considered a modern programming language developed basically for the internet use. Normally, not all the languages are compatible with all computers. This necessitated a common language and Java was developed. Java is being used in 3D pictures, multimedia, morphing, animation etc. Programming in Java is considered easy


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