While reading “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho, I came across this beautiful phrase: “There is a force that wants you to realize your destiny”. If such a force could manifest into the steady resolve I have of pursuing MS in Computer Science from your esteemed university then I am delighted to think that studying at the XYZ is my destiny!

I am curious by nature, love to think abstractly and am hungry for creative and challenging endeavors. Computer Science, therefore, is a logical choice for me. As a young child I was an all rounded person with a very curious mind and was always looking for causes behind any event. The ability of a simple idea to evolve into a globally life changing factor, as in the case of the computer, evoked awe and inspiration in me. My school, Bal Bharti Public School, Noida, channeled my interest in computers with its strong computer science background. I didn’t limit myself to only computers in school. I won many awards in inter school science competitions and was also selected to represent my school for the annual National Science Olympiad, 2006.

I majored in Computer Science during my undergraduate graduate study at College of Engineering & Technology, I.I.L.M. After accessing the field of computer science, I found my fascination for computing and its applications grow into a wish to commit myself to make further foray in computer science. At the end of my sophomore year I joined a five month course at F.Tech, Noida, where I learnt basic and advance java. The program also included a live project entitled ‘Student Campus System’. Studying computer science so extensively from systems to networks and from data analysis to compilers made me revel in it with the sole motive of learning and grasping as much as possible. In fact I stood 2nd in the final year of my college’s computer science and engineering batch. My performance bolstered my wish of studying the subject further.

After my first year in college I interned with Dynamica India Private Ltd. and was involved with their project ‘Electronic Marketing’ where I was a part of a three member team assigned with the designing of the website in HTML & Java Script and compiling the middle tier. I was also involved in the backend of the project with the input in database in SQL 2000. The project was later utilized by Dynamica India Private Ltd. as the lead prototype for client sites of Igate Patni, HCL. This experience and a positive feedback from the employers really enthused me to learn and master the computer science field.

In Jan’2010, at the end of my 6th semester, I interned under Mr. Tej, the HOD (IT Department) of Western Illinois University, Macomb, Chicago. I assisted in creating a system application to work on the designing of the university website, undertook a comprehensive study of Operating System and attended a couple of Operating System seminars at the university. This was an experience of a lifetime and was instrumental in orienting me in the direction of technical research.

In my final year, I chose my project thesis on ‘Steganography’, under the guidance of Dr. Naveen Sharma. Steganography is the art of hiding information in the noise of a picture securely, using encryption and decryption. I chose to construct and execute the project on my own as a single member project to test and stretch my knowledge and skills. I did everything myself, from preparing the SDLC and codes to executing the project. I so enjoyed the technical challenge of constructing something from the scratch that I decided I needed to study, solidify and grasp technical knowledge to the greatest extent possible. The project was later marked as the 2nd most creative/informative project in a class of 70 students. This encouraged me to envisage my dream of a career in the computer system field and proving my mettle in it.

After my graduation in June, 2011, I was offered an internship at Houston Technologies ltd, New Delhi. I grabbed it readily because of my interest in the system field. I was put under the system integration, networking and data security department of the native products of Houston technologies where I worked under the guidance of Mr. Aditya Gaur. I researched and executed the project ‘the study and design of inventory control system’. I would end up working till 11 in the night, perfecting my project and assimilating the massive reserves of knowledge and tool that were provided. The project was much appreciated and I was appointed to brief the company employees in detail about it. I also helped determine and provide automatic identification of native inventory objects of Houston Technologies.

I am interested in pursuing Masters in Computer Science and majoring in Operating System. The interface between computers and humans, which makes the Artificial Intelligence so user-friendly and innovative, is another area of special intrigue to me. I would like to engage myself in research and development related to Cloud Computing and its six key sectors of IaaS, enterprise IaaS, (PaaS), (SaaS), cloud storage and private clouds. It is need of the hour to facilitate a radical improvement in the way cloud computing is looked upon today. I envision myself as a professional, who, wielding research as a tool, will generate sustainable and dynamic results and turn cloud computing into a dynamic instrument. Data Mining and Data Retrieval are other topics, which I am interested in researching, in the future.

I have not constrained myself to just academics and work. In college, I was selected to be part of my college’s technical committee and literary committee i.e. Virtuoso and Acclaracion. I was involved in organizing all the technical and literary fest throughout my college term which imbibed not only man-management but also the spirit of team work. I also hold the distinction of winning my college’s annual technical (computer science) event back to back for four consecutive years. During this time I also became a member of Rotary International Club and also assisted in two blood donation camps in my college.

I wish to earn a MS degree in Computer Science, which would be helpful in structuring and cementing my computer science knowledge. I intend to follow it up with a career in research and innovation. I have spoken to my professors, seniors and colleagues about my choice of University, and have applied to the XYZ because it is reputable for its impressive placement opportunities, room for technical growth and computing resources. The department web site revealed a very extensive research in the area of Computer systems. This has strengthened my resolve to study at the XYZ.

I am amazed at the strength of the universities most qualified and experienced teaching faculty and its rich and vigorous curriculum. The University of California, Davis, apart from its outstanding research infrastructure and teaching faculty, also extends support to students and researchers with state and federal grants or grants sponsored by major companies. The faculty of computer science graduate department is filled with stalwarts which is one of the driving forces behind my application to the XYZ. Learning computer science under such esteemed and award winning faculty would be an honor.

I appreciate the pedagogy which does not harp on conventional classroom teaching methods but rather compels the students to think out of the box. Your computer science curriculum providing M.S. caters to my requirement of studying subjects of my interest, from artificial intelligence, networking to software systems which will help upgrade my knowledge base and aid in my complete understanding of computer system. I am hopeful that my confidence, aptitude for learning, strong determination, resilience, and positive approach will facilitate my growth as a scholar.

I bring with me a strong grasp of fundamentals in Computer science, an aptitude for research and team work, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. I would like to take with me, in addition to knowledge of Computer System, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my teachers and fellow-students. I hope that my background and qualifications are found suitable for MS in Computer Science at XYZ University.

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