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In Windows XP Microsoft Office is available. MS Office has three tools Msword, MsExcel and Mspowerpoint. Today we are going to learn about Word office button.

Before that Iam going to tell one secret. Somebody may know somebody may not. That secret is in Windows start icon Menu icon Run option is available. In Run option if you type winword word will open. If you type Iexplorer means internet Explorer will open. Try it out and tell me how it work.

Look at the picture above in left corner orange colour button is available, the button is called office button.

New option

In office button first option is new option. The new option is used to create new word document. The extension of word document is .doc. In windows xp .docx. Short cut for new option is Ctrl +N.

Open Option

Open option is used to open existing document. You can select the file from which location you have saved it. Short cut for open option is Ctrl + O.

Save Option

Save option is used to save the document what we have created. Ctrl + S is the shortcut of save.

Save as Option

Save as option is used to save the file in a different name. You can save the existing document with someother name. Function key F12 is the shortcut of Save as.

Print Option

Print option is used for printing the document. You can get the hard copy of the document. Ctrl + P is the shortcut.

Prepare Option


Properties option is used to view, Edit the document properties, such as Title, Author and Keyboards.

Encrypt Document

Encrypt document is used to give more security to your document



This option is used to send the Email the document as attachment.

Internet Fax

Internet Fax option is used to send the document for Fax

Close option

Close option is used to close the document and exit from word. It will ask the document to save also. If you choose yes document will save and exit from word. If you choose No the document will not save and exit from document. Cancel is for cancelling the close option.

Today we have learned about Word Office button. Work it out and ask the doubts by comment. All the best. Learn word and enjoying the benefits of Word. Alt+F+X also used to close the word document. This is the short cut for quitting word. Use more shortcuts it will save your Gold time.


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