MS Word – Font Tasking Pane

Clear Formatting Button

Clear formatting button is used to clear the formatting of selected text.

Text Highlight color

Text highlight colour is used to highlight the text likewise we highlight the text using highlighter pen.

Font color Option

Font color option is used to change the font color. We can change any color for font.

Change case button

Change case button is used to change the text to uppercase, lowercase or other capitalizations.

Example : UPPERCASE   - This is the example of upper case

                   lowercase – this is the sample for lower case

                   Lowercase - This is the example for propercase.

We can change to any case whatever we want using change case button. Shift + F3 is the shortcut for changecase button.

Increase font size

Increase font size option is used to increase the size of the font. Ctrl + > is used for increasing the font size.

Decrease font size.

Decrease font size option is used to Decrease the size of the font. Ctrl + < is used for decreasing the font size.

Try to use shortcuts it is really useful.

Paragraph task pane


If you want to create bullet this button is used. Various types of bullets are available.


It is used for numbering the paragraph. Various types of numbering also available. Like 1,2,3 a,b,c I,ii,iii

Styles Pane

It is used to apply various styles for your paragraph. Different types of styles are available.

Editing pane



Ctrl +F is used to find the text. You can search for any text in the whole document.


Replace option

Ctrl + H is used to replace the text what you find for.


Ab –Ac

You can able to change Ab to Ac this is called replace option.


Select is used for selecting the object or text.

Finally I teach you the simple way for shutting down your computer. Ctrl +Esc + U +U is used for shutting down the computer. Hereafter use the simple option for shutting down the computer .

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