Ms-Word –Insert – Links Pane


This option is used to create a link to webpage or image or an email address.


Book mark is used to create name to a particular point in the document. For example you keep your cursor in the middle of the document and click bookmark option is used to assign one name for that part. Whenever you want to go the particular part press Ctrl + G and select bookmark and give name of bookmark and press enter or click ok is used to go to the middle of the document.


Header option is used to create header for the document


Footer is used to create footer for the document.

Page Number

It is used to give the page number for our document

Text Box

It is used to create text box. Text box  is like a object we can move it wherever you want.


If you want to insert the author name, category name then this option is used.


WordArt is used to create styled titles using pre-build option. Several WordArt styles are there.

Insert date and time

Insert date and time is used for insert the date and time.

Insert Object

Insert Object is used to insert the object

Insert Equation

Insert Equation is used to insert the math equations and formulas.


Insert Symbol

Insert Symbol option is used to insert several symbols. Like dollar, Euro multiplication symbol, smiley and etc.

Shortcuts time

Ctrl + 5 = 1.5 line spacing.

Ctrl +2 = double line spacing.

Ctrl + P = Print the document

Ctrl + S = Save the document

Ctrl + N = New document

Ctrl + X =Cut

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + V = Paste

Alt +F + S = Save and Return to the document.

ALT + F + X = Quit the word

Ctrl + F = Find the word in the document

Ctrl + H = Replace the word what you have find

Ctrl + G = Goto specific page,specific Bookmark

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