A team of people is need to design and manage a large website. The Project manager is the head of the team. He is working with two main group of members. One group is called web developers and other group is called as web designers. The other main group is also there that group of members are testers. Testers will test the final project and ask the programmers to correct the errors if any,

Several programmers are there. Some may very well programmers of c. Some may know very well java. Based on that they are called as C Programmers, Java Programmers and vice versa.ers playing very good role in developing the sites

Designers are who will develop the images they may design the images in photoshop, fireworks and mspaint and etc. They will design the iimages what all needed for website. Programmers and designers playing very good role in developing the sites. They spend their valuable time for developing the projects. They spend day and night for this process. They lost their sleep also.

Testers are finding the errors and drawbacks of the project. They will check the project thoroughly. Testing team is there for testing the projects. They are playing good role for creating good projects.

Animators creating moving graphics. It is used in games and other sites. Animation created by using some software packages.

Cartoon and animations are created by designers.

Sample program in C



int num;

for (num=0;num<=5;num++)


printf("My Favourite"+num+1);



The output of the above programme is

"My Favourite 1

My Favourite 2

My Favourite 3

My Favourite 4

My Favourite 6

In the above program for is called as loop. Other loops are also available in programming languages. while loops do while loops are some other loops.

If we want repeat the things inside the loop we are using loops. Several logical operators also there in programming languages. Example for logical operators are and or not.



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