Microsoft Excel is a software package. It is a spreadsheet application created and designed by Microsoft Corporation. It is capable of performing calculations and creating charts. I have given below the shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. In your top of your keyboard 12 function keys are available that are f1 to f12. We can write simple coding in Microsoft excel using the Visual Basic Editor. Extension of the excel document is .xls. In Microsoft excel we cannot open the same named documenets at a time. It will show you an error, the named document already opened. We can learn some shortcuts in the following. 

Excel Shortcuts for more efficient working

Edit the Cell

If you wish to edit the selected cell f2 function key is used. 

Go to Specified Cell

In Excel 65536 rows and 256 columns available. If you wish to go for a specified cell, you can use the shortcut f5. Press F5. Enter C6 for example if you wish to go to c6 cell.

Spell Checker

F7 function key is used for checking the spelling of the selected text or document. 

Creation of Chart

F11 function key is used for creation of chart in Microsoft Excel.

Insertion of Current time

If you wish to insert the current time, use Ctrl+Shift+; then time will be inserted. (Ctrl- Control, ;-Semicolon)

Insertion of Current Date

If you wish to insert the current date, use Ctrl+; then date will be inserted.

Insertion of New Worksheet

If you wish to insert the new worksheet, use Alt+Shift+F1 then new worksheet will be inserted in your excel document. 

Excel Formula Window

Shift + F3 is used to open the formula window for your excel document.

Search Box

Shift + F5 is used for bring up the search box for your excel document.

Select all content

Ctrl + A is used for select everything in the document.


Ctrl + B is used for making your text in bold of your excel document. 


Ctrl + I is used for making your text in Italics of your excel document.


Ctrl + U is used to underline your text of your excel document.


If you wish to insert the link for your excel document, Ctrl+k Key combinations are used. 

Strike Through the Text

Ctrl + 5 is used for Strike through your highlighted text in Microsoft Excel. 

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