The most reliable aspect of human living for long life is continuous search for happiness.  The definition of happiness might have different connotations for different people. In total, everyone wishes for happiness. In the broader sense, the physical happiness includes a comfortable lifestyle, a decent bank savings, man power, prestige, and peace within family. Generally, people think that, those persons, who have all these kinds of lifestyle, are happiest of them all. It is true that, to attend the success, one has to start it from his student life. Life is a competition, since childhood one has to build his mentality, to cross all the barriers that have been confronted since his student life. He has to prepare one self for all these competitions and try to excel in each field of it.  

That is why many parents have been preparing their children from their childhood, about the stiff competition that has been undergoing between them. Sometimes, parents with their due diligence, forget about the natural growth of their children, as they want their child to walk and stand on his leg first and for this they try hard to teach their children how to wall on the ground. Then, they try to encourage him to speak the words, even if it is not his age to speak the words, but due to their efforts and continual care, many a times children tend to speak before their normal age.  Take one example of this, a child is born in an unitary family as his parents are staying at a separate town due to their professional commitments. When the child comes to his grandfather’s house in summer leave, in that house total five brothers of grandparents have been staying and for this, everyone from the family tried hard to let him speak and within seven days the child started to speak some words, which is not possible, if he stays with his parents, as their only two persons are their , his parents and usually , they used to go out for their official commitments , and in these circumstances , the child is unable to watch the speaking of their parents and that results in late in development of speaking power of the child. On the other hand, when the same child stays with his grandfather’s home for ten to 15 days, as their family is join family with almost 20 to 25 persons is there inside. Due to constant efforts of all and also child tend to imitate from others, and they want to speak life that of others when they notice that, day in and day out all the people are speaking out and talking loudly. 

In this manner the child learns from the environment and tried to imitate most of happenings. On the other hand due to heavy competitions between students, concerned parents have been worried about their children prospect and future and for this they try to educate them from their childhood. What is reversing the situation is that, in this soft age they should be playing more to develop their natural tendencies and also they should be holding the flies in the garden, and making small canals with the soils to generate their engineering skills. Due to pressure from their parents, they had to resort to education, and thus their natural development process hindered from childhood. With this, since childhood, he has been reciting the rhymes, without understanding the basic meaning of these and in this manner his natural development halted due to undue pressure from his parents. Now , after school , he could not take rest and enjoy his leisure time , as within these time limits , he had to go to dance or song school or computer education . In my time, many of us compete and successfully passed the IIT and other related professional education by studying at home or through group studying, Now, parents send their children to different coaching institutes from class seven, which is surprising as due to this they had to face difficult mathematics and other related courses, if we consider their development of mind, which is still at softer stage. Think about a situation, when a soft mind is confronted with difficult mathematics and unable to cope with this and thus go for permanently the neurology related diseases.   

So, entire young age of this child goes unnoticed and within these ages, he had to compete with various entrances and other related courses and there is absolutely no space for him to rejoice and live a natural life. Development through nature is a must for all, as it is for sure; we all have been the elements of nature, and for ours natural growth , we need to learn a plenty from it so that , in the future , all ours developments would be according to  law of nature. Many students, from their young age, taste the success but their teen age is buried with piles of books, international examinations, semesters, projects and summer internships. Entire summer vacation goes unnoticed for them, as they used to spend most of the times, attending to entrance coaching or summer internships. Parents tend to forget that, it is summer vacations and within these times one has to go relax and go for holiday destinations so that, one can refreshes one’s mind into it and better prepared for the entire year that has been there to face the toughest of tough challenges.

After releases himself from all these stresses and pressures since childhood, he joined successfully to professional courses, and then after some time, he would be selected by campus selection, and the respective companies would try to appoint him in their companies through campus recruitments. Then, after his training period is over, he has to run to work from seven in the morning till nine in the evening continually relentlessly. He should have no time to enjoy the life and at last, after some years, he would feel himself as the machine man just like that of a robot, working without a halt. In manly world , he should be known as the famous people with above mentioned attributes , but all in all ,the person who is getting all these praise ,seemed to be reaching to the stage where , there is no enjoyment of life within his heart , and there is sense of traverse that has been reeling within his mental aptitude. He always tries hard to find leisure and happiness , but could not find it at all possible lengths and in the mean time , people around him think that he is the happiest man of all but he knows how happy he feels at this juncture. Many people think that, the persons who travel with good vehicle, and holds galaxy tab in his hands and always stays inside air conditioned rooms and cars are the happiest of them all, but it is not always true. So, the truth is that, successful man is not happiest of them all. If one follows success and then try to find the happiness as the result of this, then most of the times, it is evident that, he is searching and following the mirages, which can be seen, but when you go near it, slowly moves the same distance and the search for happiness stays like the same way for most of the successful person. It keeps some distance from them and slowly goes out from yours reach. 

On the other hand if another person had no air conditioned car, not much bank balance and not a galaxy tab but a simple multi media cell phone, but if he stays happy and satisfied with life and gets plenty of satisfaction from the leisure time he gets and absorbed in the happiness through natural means, then one should know that, this is the real happiness, when he attends his family and stays with them usually to get back the real happiness that one can thinks it of. Here, in this instance one can compares the happiness of both the persons and one can conclude easily that, the second person gets more happiness inside and he can feel for it, while on the other hand the other person is seemingly happy and third persons think that the first person is happy which is not so in this instance. It is clear from this illustration that , one should not be too much happy with the materialistic happiness , one should go for the personalized happiness and be contempt and satisfied with these so that , in the long run that would give him the real happiness that one deserve of it. One hand one cannot get the much needed satisfaction from the profession that he continues to be there, on the other hand the same person can get plenty of satisfaction from the photography or blog writing that he could get the maximum advantages of it.  

Each person in this materialistic world needs to search for happiness at any cost, so that, in the long term, when he is settled in his life, he should not think otherwise of his basic life styles that are attached with it and for this it is essential to have a good understanding of one’s likeliness and the natural artifacts that has been there with him since his birth, it is his and his parents duty is to find the natural talent that has been hidden within him so that with due course of time , it can be augmented further with similar helpful conditions so that in future , he can find the real happiness with it and that is related to more physiological happiness that that of the so-called materialistic happiness.

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