The generation next is becoming more and more careerist nowadays. Each and every youngster is interested in doing something different. Apart from choosing the most common and typical field of medical and engineering, everyone is searching some new and modern career options in order to make their future bright and exciting. Today, there are lot of career choices available for students. The talent and skill required for this career is provided both theoretically and practically through various related courses available in many universities available all over India. The students are only required to identify their potential and skill and begin their journey. Let us try to find some such modern and trendy career options.

1) Genetics:

Genetics means the study of heredity. It is a science of genes, heredity and variation in living organisms. It is a part of medical field and was till now limited to sex determination test. The topic of genetics was very popular recently due to the controversy of International athletes Pinky Pramanik and Shanti Sundararajan. These two incidents have made genetics a burning topic of discussion. However, today this field has spread its wings widely and various career opportunities are available in this field. In the last fifty years many researches has been done in this field and many new dimensions of this field have come up.

Genetics is a very important subject of health science. Besides it is also very closely related with many other fields. Many topics like DNA, genetic engineering, cloning, biotechnology are related with genetics. Basically genetics is a discipline of biology. In this field, study of every individual and its gene is done. But, the interesting thing is that this field is not restricted to human related study but study of food processing, horticulture, agriculture, brewing etc is also done in this field. This has made genetics a very large field and simultaneously the career opportunities in this field are also very large.


The graduates and post graduates of genetics has opportunities available in the field of research and lectureship, plant and animal breeding, clinical research, in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Glen-mark, food industries like Amul, Cadbury, beverage companies like Pepsi,   health care industry, cosmetic Comanches like Hindustan lever and L'Oreal and other advisory companies.

Nature of courses:

The graduate and post graduate courses are available in many places. One can do B.Sc with specialization in genetics or can opt for plain B.Sc with one subject as genetics. For graduation, it is compulsory that one should have done H.Sc in science stream. For post graduation courses, graduation in life sciences is compulsory like B.Sc biology, B.Sc Agriculture etc. Both graduation and post graduation courses are of three years duration.

2) Nanotechnology:

Every one is attracted to nano things and many people are interested in collection of nano things. But a new field which will change the life of human being is nano-technology. In future, this magical field is going to expand beyond imagination. It will throw its impact in almost each and every field. It is predicted that in coming years there will not be a single sector in which nano technology will not be used. Fields like biology, health science, environment, cosmetics, electronics, security and many other will be covered by nano technology impact. Redesign is the soul of nano technology and hence it will be possible to design anything we want with the help of nano technology. Besides, the nano materials used will be very light weight as well as strong and transparent. Also, the characteristics of nano particles will be completely different from their main components. The thickness of nano particles will be 1000 times smaller then the thickness of a single human hair. But the field evacuated by this small particle will be indefinite.

According to scientists, the 21st century will be known as nano technology century. With the help of nano technology, the sun rays can be converted into energy, dust free clothes can be prepared. Nano technology based clothes will protect our body from any chemical or biological weapon. This technology will prove miracle in the field of forensic sciences. Easy search of drugs and narcotic substances, robot preparation, healing of damaged cells, and many such wonders will be created by nano technology. Research is being made in this field all over the field. In India also, research is being done from last 16 years. This is one such field which is related with physics, chemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics and many such fields. All the students who have taken training in this subject from different laboratories and industries in India and abroad have unlimited opportunities.

Eligibility for nanotechnology course:

The candidate must have passed higher secondary examination with physics, chemistry and biology group.

3) Green house technology:

The Indian construction sector is second largest business sector after agriculture sector. In the 11th five year plan, near about 35,225 crore rupees turn over was done for construction sector. The Indian need of house is of 265 crore 30 lakh houses and to provide cement, sand, water and other construction material on such a large scale means creating a load on natural resources. Also these resources are extracted beyond limit for construction purpose. All these factors have given birth to a conceptual discussion of eco-friendly green house technology.

Basic concept:

The production of construction material like steel, cement, tiles, paint, glasses etc requires large amount of energy. This energy generation creates pollution on large scale. The solution to this problem will be given by the concept of green building. In future, there are many employment opportunities available as green building adviser. The buildings which are competent in respect of water, construction material, drainage, electricity and energy are called as green building. In green building, focus is made on recycling of water and its use in making the building competent in respect to water and drainage. The material used for green building is prepared by using less energy. By using non-traditional energy resources, energy is saved. The pollution created due to construction sector is minimized to a large extent by using green building concept. The important concepts of carbon footprints and carbon rating can be effectively implemented in green building technology. In future, stress will be given on making the construction sector eco-friendly and for this only engineers are not sufficient but green house consultants are required.

Future prospects:

The green house consultants will have to design and construct a green building based on use of fly ash, ferrocement technology and less energy requiring construction material. For gaining the international rank of LEED or green building society, designing and construction of such building will be a crore rupee business in future. Hence the course of this subject is included in degree engineering. To make career as green house consultant, the qualification required is degree or diploma in civil, mechanical or environmental engineering

4)Biomedical engineering:

Nowadays if we go to a hospital or even in a small clinic, one thing can be seen easily. All big and small hospitals are furnished with different machinery, machine systems and ultramodern equipments. Rather, this has become a primary need of medical practitioners. Even the patient also has the tendency or belief that those hospitals which have costly and modern machines and equipments are the best hospitals. In medical field, the importance of these equipments is undebatable. These equipments not only reduces the work of doctors but also helps them to take quick decision and they also play an important role in saving the life of people and treating them immediately and correctly. Since these equipments are gaining extra ordinary importance in medical field, hence the persons who prepares and maintains these equipments and have complete knowledge about the working and configuration of these machines are also important. The whole medical field is depended on this sector and hence biomedical engineering has also gained extraordinary importance. The most important work of biomedical engineer is to manufacture medical equipments and making time to time changes and developments according to the requirement of patient and doctor.

Biomedical engineering is a discipline of engineering field but is very helpful for biologists, doctors, and patients. A person having the engineering skill  and knowledge of medical field has golden opportunity in this field. The main function of biomedical engineer is to develop new medical equipments and solving the problems of these equipments. For this he has to study the human body and accordingly keep its functioning proper and repair the damages by using engineering technology. There are many branches of engineering but this is very important and rapidly developing field. This field has unlimited opportunities from R&D point of view. The different artificial organs which give new life to patients, pacemakers, MRI machines, laser systems and many such useful equipments are the products of biomedical engineering. Cardiovascular technology, neural technology and orthopedic technology are the subbranches of biomedical engineering.


The candidate must have passed higher secondary examination with physics, chemistry and mathematics group. He/she should clear entrance exam conducted state wise. One can either do B.E in biomedical engineering or can opt for M.B.B.S and then masters in medical technology.

5)Plumbing engineering:

Prior to independence, Mahatma Gandhi has described India as Land Of Village. But after independence, India has rapidly developed and transformed to land of cities. The urban population, which was initially 30% has now increased to 40-45%. the increase in urbanization has also resulted in increase in construction in urban areas. To absorb the increasing population, tall buildings of 40-50 floors are constructed. A single building has the capacity to provide shelter to 1000-1500 people, which means that a near about a village can dwell in a building. To make provision of water supply to such tall and populated buildings has become a challenge nowadays. In the early days, an ITI plumber was sufficient to make provisions of water supply in small buildings. But nowadays, to make provision of water supply in skyscrapers requires plumbing engineer. The plumbing hydraulics of skyscrapers is based completely on engineering concepts and design. It is essential to have engineering knowledge of force of water, pressure of water, area of pipe and the design of pump. Due to this, the subject of plumbing is not limited to tap connections but has become very vast and multidimensional.

The day from which the people has tilted from middle class to high class and bathroom has gained the importance of room, from that day plumbing has become very important. Many attractive products related to plumbing have arrived in market. Various modern fixtures, different designs of taps, various showers, bath tubs, sanitary items are available in the market. The mechanism to control the temperature, humidity, and flow of water in the bathtub has been developed. Various designs of sinks and accordingly designed taps are also available. The people are now spending 4-5 lakhs on bathroom furnishing. This proves that plumbing engineering has achieved a social status and has great scope. The increasing demand of plumbing utilities in the market has opened a new career option called as plumbing consultant.

As our body has network of nerves, similarly a building has network of pipes. Just as doctor is required for a healthy body similarly plumbing consultant is required for good health of building. Along with this the solar water mechanism, rain water harvesting and fire proof methodologies have been developed for the security of building. By keeping all these points in mind, it can be stated that plumbing is not limited to ITI but has become an important subject of engineering. As every building requires electric consultant, air condition technician, painting contractors and many such specially skilled people similarly plumbing consultant will also become mandatory requirement in future. While constructing a building, nearly 5-10% of total expenses is made on water supply and sewage collection and disposal chamber. According to this percent, the plumbing sector has a turnover of 7.5lakh crore rupees. Hence plumbing consultant can be a good career option in near future.


The qualification required is degree or diploma in civil,mechanical or environmental engineering.

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