The term 'Quality' has different connotations in relation to an organization. It is all the more important to have a proper understanding in the highly competitive environment that all the business organizations function today. Its relevance and strategic importance on the productivity, profitability and growth of the organization hardly need be stressed. in this regard. The concept of quality should be viewed in an integral perspective involving quality of the people, quality of the product, quality of the process and quality of the environment.


In the order of importance, the quality of the people should be considered in relation to their respective skills, knowledge, productivity and efficiency which they bring to upon their day-to-day jobs. It refers to both the inner as well outer qualities which is known as the integral quality. Thus the Human Resources Department of any organization has a vital task of formulating suitable policies to sustain the integral quality at the right level. It must have strategies to foster the mental, moral, aesthetic and spiritual qualities of the people apart from taking care of their professional development. In most of the professionally managed organizations the ends of professional development of their workforce is achieved through regular training and education programmes but programmes to sustain the develop and sustain the inner qualities which have been explained already do not figure that prominently. It is the inspired leadership that appreciates and understands the need for development of the both these qualities of the people to make them precious assets.


The quality of the product comes next in the order, this invisible factor is of paramount importance in establishing a product of a particular company over that of others. The inner quality of the product or service is decided by a host of factors like technical excellence, utility and reliability. In future when the technological and managerial competencies are more or less generalized and the differentiation between products and services in terms of outer quality become insignificant , it would be the inner moral, psychological and aesthetic qualities which would guide and influence the favour of the customers.


The quality of the process , the third in line is equally significant. The outer quality of the process would mainly rest on the maintenance of a specific standard of excellence in every sphere of the corporate activities. Towards the end of ensuring the inner quality of all the activities and processes of the organization along with people, material and resources, there should be harmony and unison which enhances the inner quality of the process. When there is complementary harmony between individuals and parts , all working together for a common goal it leads to achieving more than the sum of all the efforts put together.


Although the quality of the environment figures at the end of the order its importance should not be considered or viewed strictly in that order. The outer quality of the environment manifests in the working condition, cleanliness and aesthetic arrangement of space and object but the psychological environment that is created in an organization when a diverse groups

of people come together or work together to form a community. Which may be described the inner quality. As we have geographical differentials in various regions , such differentials also exist in the psychological environments of various organizations. The inner quality depends on nature of the values and ideals of the organizations, the quality of thoughts and feelings of the people and the sense of well-being and fulfillment which they derive from being a member of the community. If there is any conflict or clash in the cultural values of the organizations and those of their people, it would lead to constant tension, anxiety and stress. No superficial exercises like holding parties or picnics etc. would hardly ward off the negative influnences arising out of such conflicts .

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