Presentation or sales presentation is a process during which the salesman tries to attract the attention and the interest of the customer towards the product. Presentation helps in convincing the customer that the salesman’s product is the best one for satisfying his need. A planned presentation saves the time of the customer and the salesman. It relieves the salesman of the nervous strain and gives him the much-needed confidence. Effective sales presentation is a vital force in selling. The customer normally approaches the shop of the salesman with a vague idea of what he actually needs or wants. It is the sales presentation, which helps the customer in taking final decision for purchasing the product.

Essentials of Sales Presentation or Effective Sales Presentation

The following are the essentials of effective sales presentation:

  1. Promptness:- The salesman should be quite prompt in presenting the product before the customer. In order to be prompt in presentation, the salesman must have the accurate knowledge of the location of the product as desired by the customer. In case of any delay on the part of the salesman, it is likely that the customer’s interest may be lost or reduced.
  2. Clarity:- The second major characteristic of effective presentation is that the sales presentation must be absolutely clear and complete. It should be so clear that no doubt is left in the customer’s mind.
  3. Showing the Proper Quality and Quantity:- The third major characteristics of effective sales presentation is that the salesman should show the proper quality of the product as demanded by the customer. If the customer asks for a particular product, the salesman must immediately show the one he wants, even though another article would be more suitable for the customer.
  4. Dramatization:- The fourth major characteristic of sales presentation is dramatization. It is the art of presenting the product before the customer. The salesman must select the most effective method of dramatizing his product. The dramatizing is secured through visualization.
  5. Appealing to the Senses:- There are in all five senses. Hey are the sense of sight, sense of touch, sense of hearing, sense of smell and sense of taste. The salesman should try to appeal to all the senses of the customer.
  6. Suggesting Tests:- In order to convince the customer as to quality, the salesman should suggest the tests to the customer. For instance, wool burns with a slow flickering flame which makes it sizzle and Carl. The flame ceases as soon as it is withdrawn from the flame.
  7. Handling the Product:- Action speaks louder than words. Therefore, the salesman should demonstrate the product as much as possible. He should handle the product himself and then if possible then also permit the customer to handle the product. It is generally the habit of the customers to feel and handle the product they purchase. The customer, may therefore, be encouraged to do so.
  8. Guarantee:- The last but not the least important characteristic of effective sales presentation is to give guarantee to the customer for a certain period. For instance, salesman says to the customer, “this washing machine will give you trouble-free service for a period of two years ! during that period if the washing machine stops working he will give free service or replace it with a new washing machine. The guarantee given by the salesman relieves the customer of any doubt about the working or benefits of the product. It is essential particularly in the sale of domestic and other machinery item.

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