Sources of Recruitment of Salesmen

The recruitment of salesmen is important not only in the formation of a new sales force, But also in the successful operation of an established organization. The sources of recruitment of salesmen can be classified under two heads: They are

1. Internal Sources of Recruitment

2. External Sources of Recruitment

1. Internal Sources of Recruitment

It means recruiting the salesmen amongst the workers already working in the enterprise. In other words it means recruitment within the organization. The main internal sources of recruitment of a salesman are as follows.

(1) Present Employees Already Working in the Organization

Recruitment may be done from the inside staff working in different departments. This is perhaps the safest and most profitable method. A person recruited from the inside staff would generally posses some knowledge of the product s well as the principles and general policy of the enterprise in which he is working. He may even be familiar with the customers of the enterprise and thus a readymade salesman may be recruited from inside the staff itself.

(2) Recommendation of the Existing Salesman

Salesman may also be recruited on the basis of recommendation of the existing salesman already working in the organization. The advantage of this method is that the salesman already working in the organization knows the requirements of the job in question and hence he would in a position to make a suitable recommendation. They may include ex-salesman, other workers, relatives, sons and daughters of the salesman etc. It increases the loyalty of the employees towards the enterprise.

(3) Promotions

As a matter of policy, firms employ sales personnel from within by promoting the employees from lower post to higher post. It is good step because the person who has put in service feels recognized and puts forth his best on his promotion. Thus it is also important internal source of recruitment.

 (4) Transfers

 Particularly in large-sized organizations, transfer of employees from one department to another department is a normal feature. Hence employees of the firms other departments and non-selling section of the sales department may also be considered for careers in sales department. The personnel department has the history of each employee working in the enterprise and thereby the chance of potentially promoting one can be considered by transfers.

(5) Re-employment of Former Employees

It is another important internal source of recruitment. In case of those ex-workers whose past record is clean and sound may be called back to their original work situations provide they are willing and both mentally as well as physically to take up the job with loyalty and sincerity.

Merits or Advantages of Internal Source of Recruitment

1. The loyalty and cooperation of the staff are increased.

2. The training period is minimized.

3. The break-in period is reduced. He can easily be adjusted to the new environment.

4. Generally a person recruited from within the enterprise need not be paid very high remuneration.

5. It has already been provided that where a much specialized knowledge of a highly technical product is necessary, inside staff has proved to be the best.

6. Employee’s morale is increased and they also feel motivated.

7. The efficiency and conduct of such persons can be easily evaluated.

8. Sales manager usually prefers a man coming from within the organization.

Demerits or Disadvantages of Internal Source of Recruitment

  1. Jealously and dissatisfaction develop among the workers who are not recruited.

2. A kind of monopoly of the workers is established. They will tend to claim as their personnel right and privilege, to be considered and recruited for the job in question.

3. It is said that the old workers usually lack enthusiasm. They usually oppose any change.

4. Since the field of recruitment is limited it might not be easy to get the right them. But the same is not the case with a person recruited from within the organization.

5. Salesmen recruited from competitors may also bring new customers with them. But the same is not the case with a person recruited from within the organization.

6. It must be remembered that the inside employee is a hot-house plant, nurtured within the working of the sales organization. If he is called upon to work on a job of different nature, it may not be a success, such as the work of a travelling salesman.

7. This injects heavy doses of stagnation and inefficiency. Once a person gets his position easily, he becomes complacent and lethargic because he has achieved a height which he does not deserve.

2. External Sources of Recruitment

The main external sources of recruitment of salesman are as follows:

1. Through advertisement in newspapers.

2. Competitor’s staff members

3. Schools and Colleges

4. Employment Exchanges

 5. Voluntary Application

6. Recommendations of Customers

7. Relatives and Friends

8. Employments Seekers

Merits or Advantages of External Sources of Recruitment

1) More efficient, skilled and educated persons can be recruited as suited to the job.

2) Jealousy and dissatisfaction among the existing workers is avoided.

3) New persons also brings new ideas, new techniques with himself.

4) Recruitment from external sources is based on merits and hence such a person is expected to give better performance.

5) It is easy for the sales manager to bring necessary changes as per his choice.

6) Control and supervision work becomes comparatively easy.

7) He also brings new customers

8) If found unusable, the services can be easily terminated.

De-Merits or Disadvantages of External Sources of Recruitment

1) Loyalty and Cooperation among the workers is reduced.

2) Training becomes expensive and time consuming.

3) Frustration develops if promotion is not given after due period, says 5 to 10 years.

4) It takes a long time in understanding the working and the policies of the organization and getting himself in the new environment.

5) The post also, remains vacant till the date of joining for the selected person.Thus the working of the enterprise suffers.

 Considerations to be made for the Selection of Salesman

  Since the work of a salesman is of varied nature, it is difficult to lay out the defining principles or points or consideration for the selection of a salesman. In general, the following principles or points should be kept in mind while selecting the salesman.

1. He must have aptitude for salesmanship. This can be judged at the time of interview and the past record of the candidate.

2. He must be educated and possess sufficient knowledge of language. He should have knowledge preferably of three languages i.e English, Hindi and local language of the field in which he is to be appointed.

3. The age of the candidate to be selected should be preferably between 22 years to 30 years.

4. The candidate should be physically and mentally fit for the job of salesman.

5. The candidate to be selected for the job should have good nature and temperament so that he can influence the customers.

6. The candidate must have good habits. A drunkard, gambler and corrupt person are liable to ruin the business of the enterprise.

7. He must have a strong character.

8. He should have adequate knowledge of human psychology.

9. Absence of pride.

10. As far as possible, the candidate should have adequate experience of salesmanship in a reputed concern.

11. In case the enterprise deals in technical products such as machinery, then the candidate should have adequate technical knowledge so that he could give a good demonstration of the product before the prospective customers.



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