communication is the most important part of our life it affects how much we get along with the people in our lives. Clear communication allows you to express your needs, avoid arguments, misunderstandings and also hurt feelings. These are 5 steps that can help improve communications.


Firstly, Focus on your thoughts that is clear communication begins with knowing what you want to say. Plan yourself what you want to talk about and think once before you say whether it is correct or wrong to say that.


Secondly, listen carefully about what the person in front is talking about. This is the key to clear communication that is to be a good listener first. So whenever someone is talking to you then listen carefully what they are saying, nod your head and also maintain eye contact with the person.


Thirdly, be clear about what you are saying. Think carefully before you speak so can say what you really mean to say. Give examples about what you are talking to let them person understand what you mean to see.


Fourthly, make sure that you have all the information you need to understand what the other person means. To make the point clear ask the other person to tell you more about what he or she is thinking and feeling.


Finally, check your understanding that is try to make sure you understand each other during the conversation and before it ends. Make sure whether both of you are satisfied with the conversation.


Try all these steps whenever you are communicating with someone so you get a feeling that you had a great conversation.


Thank you


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