Mcdonalds is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world with more than 400,000 employees. If you wish to be a part of this huge corporation, you shall have to be quite efficient and friendly and you should be able to have very good people skills. There is a huge scope for career growth in this sector and if you choose the right alternatives and grab the opportunities that come in front of you, you can have a very satisfying career. In fact, there are very good career growth prospects in this sector. Many of the employees pursuing Mcdonalds careers and who hold top corporate posts have had very humble beginnings working behind the counter or serving the guests. However, McDonalds gives plenty of opportunities to its employees to build strong Mcdonalds careers and the ones with plenty of potential and ambition are always given special attention.

There are lots of designations you can choose from in Mcdonalds careers, according to your educational qualifications and the amount of experience you have in the industry. If you are a fresher you might have to begin with the basic jobs. Here is a list of the job positions at McDonalds:


The responsibility of the cashier is to handle the cash drawers, take requests from customers, accept the payments made by the customers and give them the change and the bill, answer any queries by the customers regarding the products or any other services and other tasks which concern the customer. The cashier has to be on their toes since their work is an extremely busy one. The fast paced job requires the cashiers to be highly efficient team players so that all the tasks are carried out systematically.


Though you may not need any hotel management degree or any other formal training in order to qualify to apply for the post of the cook at McDonalds, you are expected to know the basics of kitchen management. Cooks have the responsibility of cooking the food and the added responsibility of packaging them and arrange them according to batches. To keep the food fresh and warm and to maintain hygiene is also the
responsibility of the cook. Cooks are required to know the working of cooking equipment like grills, fryers, griddles and they also have to clean these equipment regularly and maintain sanitation and safety in
the kitchen. Cooks shall have to ensure that the company's standards are maintained when it comes to the quality as well as quantity of the food products.


The shift manager shall have the responsibility of managing ten to fifteen employees on the shift. They shall have to supervise the employees and ensure that each one is performing their duties efficiently and that all safety procedures are being followed and all standards are being maintained. They also have to evaluate the cash drawers and make bank deposits and fill out paperwork.


The store manager has a lot of important responsibilities such as keeping a track of the inventory, checking the supplies, ensuring safety and hygience protocols are being followed, imporving client relationships, hiring personnel and imparting training to them and many other duties. They should also be ready to tackle problems quickly and they are ultimately responsible if anything goes wrong in the store.

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