You are the boss
When you are not feeling comfortable at your work and your job is not providing you any satisfaction despite you trying your best to do as much as you cam, you should consider that you are in need of motivation. Trust me, none else but you, yourself shall have to do this to bring back your interest in your assigned projects. This is something common through every professional pass-through some times or other. Therefore, find out what is lacking that is keeping you off the track and sooner the better unless you have not decided to change your job.

Looking for someone to do this will not help
While we are at junior level, we look around to find some one motivate us to keep going and probably we find some of our colleagues doing this for us but that is a rare scenario in this age of cutthroat competition. Ultimately, this we shall have to tighten our belts and step forward to take charge of the situation for our own self. I can go a step forward and suggest you to tap your own shoulder while you do some thing worthwhile, that will keep you in good spirit and motivate you further to do still better.


This is general practice with corporate to hide their appreciation in person although, while appraisal matters you always get good scores but that is an official procedure and is carried out on official level much later while you have already forgotten the job you did to get that praise. Most people especially fresh professional are almost dying to see praise coming from different sources, which elude them most of the times. That makes them disappointed and they feel suppressed.

Actually, the bosses or senior managers do not praise you on your face with a purpose. They do not want a sense of superiority taking place in you, which could make you lazier or an overconfident person that would affect your work. Just keep motivating and encouraging yourself to do better without thinking about praise coming from other sources.

Keep changing your work strategy
The tactics of change in work style is helpful up to a great extent. Being monotonous kills the joy of any thing including your work. I would suggest you to find innovative ways to apply in your work ideas to give them newer angles. I did that often and kept myself fresh and bubbling. I even expected my team to find out and suggest ways, which would give us new ideas to trap new clients for the company while developing new areas.


I always rewarded territory managers for coming up with new ideas worth applicable. That kept us going and motivated all the way. You know when a person feels bored at his work place there is nothing worse than that particular moment he passes through. Once you have overcome your boredom, you shall find every thing working for you normally and tastefully with interest coming back toward the project, you are involved.

Ask yourself a few questions
You would better ask a few questions from your own self to know the answers in detail. The first of them all is- just why do you come to your work place et al? Please do not mind if I tell you that you are wasting your time if you are in your office for a job only. In that case, you are wasting your time and your company is paying you for nothing. You are in an immediate need of fixing your targets to see to it that you have certain goals to achieve. For instance, did you ever think about the next post or promotion and how much profit you have to gain for the company. We always related such targets with the number of machines to be sold by each sales engineer and the people who were supervising them.

Do not limit your work to do your job to earn salary only; the company is dependent on your output. This is one of the best ways to keep your self motivated and associated with the work if you have certain goals in mind. Excuse me if any of you feel offended but keep an eye on the next man on your rank table, you have to replace him. Please do not take me wrong, this is not that you have to kill him but you have to prove yourself better than him to get yourself a promotion to overtake him. Keep motivating yourself, that is only way up.

Take responsibilities
Do not tell me that they are not giving you responsibilities, you just grab them- as a professional you should be able to recognize these if you are keeping your eyes opened. There is nothing better motivator than responsibility, if you are some one who wants to lead from the front, go ahead and ask for challenging assignments, they would only be too pleased to see some one coming forward and willing to share their burdens. They love to have some one like you in their organization. You might prove to be their next leader.


You see most of the employees complete their assigned job without taking finer points into consideration that is perfectly all right. They have earned their salary but I am sorry to say they have not earned any thing else, not a chance to go up the ladder, the least. They only did some thing in routine and that would keep them where they deserve to be- here, where they are now or worse still out of the company sooner than later.

Most of us are not worried about the professional records, updated regularly by the concerned authorities according to our output. If we are not doing according to expectations or as per fixed targets, be sure you are going downhill. There is a golden rule in corporate world- ‘Be responsible to grab opportunities, success is yours without asking for it’ A responsible person is full of motivations who gets all the credit for his work, that may not be told on your face but the progress chart will show you that.

The company you keep matters a lot
This one factor would keep your performance good or bad, your association with people in your work place is a big factor to make you a responsible or irresponsible worker. You must see to it whom are you walking with, because the way you stay connected, the output depends on that. People busy with useless discussion would make you of no use for the company, maybe they have nothing else to do but you do not belong to that lot. You must stay away from such people and look at people who have positive thinking and willing to go up.


You know people have nothing creative to do would make no good contribution in any field, they may sound interesting while it comes to cracking jokes, singing love songs, talking about their fake affairs and so on so forth but trust me they are the worst persons to stay with or keep company. They will ruin your carrier. Just keep motivating and bucking yourself up, there is nothing that can stop you.

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