Want to stay ahead

If you are sincerely planning to stay in the competition you must learn to face the tough challenges those are becoming tougher by the day, there is no choice but to face them. I know there are people who face these with a smile, as a challenge but most of them get scared when some one, not necessarily a better talented compared to you comes bullying you. That is part of the game present day scenario. Give him/he a shrug, yes you heard me right this is time of girls as well and most unsecured are girls. Girls want you to catch off-guard for their jealous nature than your male counterparts, so you need to be aware of girls more than any one else.

The world is stiffer now

The competition is getting tougher despite increased facilities, better job opportunities and far thicker pay packets but the demands of the job increasing ever so much, by the day, not beyond our capacity though. With a little bit of extra efforts we can always achieve our targets but with a little extra efforts of course. Your job security demands more than your abilities but need your aggression, competitiveness, hard working and not to forget your marketing skills! Marketing skills, why marketing skills, because that is one of the most demanding skill as on date. You must learn to build your image building techniques to stay in the competition.


People say healthy competition

However, I don’t see it happening around, every body is inventing ways to get ahead of you, by hook or crock. Leg pulling is the name of the game and why not, even the corporate is backing the technique up as they too are looking for better results. Maybe not all but most companies do not mind if a better person beats them all on their game of pushing them around and take the front seat although this may lead to unhealthy competition if things go out of hand at any stage.

More production-more competition-more pushing around

Yes, that is trend of the day, sounds weird but that’s how the things stand today. The seniors and when I say seniors those are not the higher ranked people but the ones who might not be senior in ranks but they only joined before you but still sitting on the same old seats for not being as active, they would not want to see you go past ahead of them. You have to watch their movements because they are the biggest hurdles on the way to progress. Such people create an atmosphere of negativity and jealousy at most occasions as they feel it bad that a new person marching past them. Your image building comes in handy at this point. You can face such people with eye in eye and cunning tactics with a smile but never look down, once you did you shall loose forever. 

Let the boss speak

manage 2 

No, I don’t mean that you never speak while the boss is around but I am only suggesting you to speak once he has done talking. You always get a few extra clues to read his mind. Do you know the story about a manager walking along with a stores officer and an accounts officer during the lunchtime? Let me tell you the story if your answer is NO. They found an old lamp, yes the same the lamp of Aladdin on the way and as soon as the guy in front picked it out came a gin. He laughed as usual and asked for three wishes, one each to all the three persons. The accounts officer was in a hurry and asked to be attended first. He asked for a trip to Goa- all paid, granted and disappeared instantly. Then shouted the stores officer to be sent to Kovalam, with family all paid as usual. He too granted his wish and he too disappeared. Gin turned towards the manager in the last to ask his wish, pet came the wish- ‘send these two to office after the lunch’ now. 

You know what! If those two had heard the boss before opening their mouths, probably those two would be better off. There is no crime or harm if you want to speak first but avoid talking where some thing expected to happen beyond your reach. Let him take a decision and do not give your suggestion unless asked for, these suggestions are either for experienced ones or some one looking for harm coming his way. Learn to keep your mouth shut when you are not aware of the situation, right situation that is.

Some jobs are more demanding

Yes you got me right, I am talking about sales and marketing (what else do I know) in this particular department you always have to face people full of talent, competition, willing to learn (read teaching a lesson or two). Stealing the opportunities even if jumping the queue but that is part of the game and every thing is fair in this particular business called marketing, even sales is secondary. I know the results are always better when a team works together but people are behaving as if they are one-man army and can win the battle single handedly. Well, some are better than others are and they can do it but better they do it together to set the responsibilities right and play it in fair way. 

In most cases the feelings go wrong only in case of a stiff competition within and coordination not working right or ego of so called seniors not coping with situations or not gauging the opponents as per their real potential. Some times this may be the case of a hurt ego now the choice is yours; you want to face a more talented guy crossing the swords or make an adjustment and live in harmony for the sake of our company and yourself as well.  

When you find it too competitive

Yes that is possible that you may not be liking the new developments, which took recently when the new set of people entered your organization but that is a regular practice as some old timers go or persons not performing well are removed. To fill the vacancy the new blood is infused and that is the time to test your skills as how well you adjust with them. You have your options open; you can adjust with the changes and keep them in confidence or stand at the loggerheads feeling yourself invincible. However, overconfidence is not the best thing for any one senior, junior, new or old everybody has no choice but to perform. This is better to keep updating and learning all the time to keep up with the new technologies and changes taking place so rapidly. One can always learn it from any one and at any stage, there is no harm. This is better to learn and march ahead rather than left behind because you were busy making plans – how to pull legs. Trust me I am an authority at this subject, just try me.    

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