Keep learning and improving

Nevertheless, before you change your job look at all positive and negative points especially your own assessment about yourself. If you think you have improved yourself and you feel confident enough to take any challenges related to your field then of course you should go ahead and apply for new job of your choice. If you think you have sharpened your skills considerably, improved your work, planning abilities, common sense etc successfully, this all counts towards your future success even if you have spent a few months working without proper return but this all would come in handy

Keep trying

Your progress and growth depends mostly on your knowledge and skills improvement, keep yourself open to learning, search, grasp whatever you can internet is a good source, keep reading related books and follow blogs, which tell you what to look, where to look etc. The present time is drastically demanding and no one can survive without improvement, adding new skills and grow as an individual. The new developments with experience would boost up your confidence but be careful and avoid becoming arrogant at this point, never forget people who have helped you reach this point and never hesitate to help them back when the time comes. 

You should compete with yourself

The best way to become a good professional is to challenge yourself, compete with yourself and when you achieve your set targets make newer goals, keep the bars on higher levels. If you were performing at 100%, make your targets at 110. Once you accomplish a project look for another one and arrange it in such a way that it does not become your personal affair but a joint project, achievable even in your absence that would certainly make you more valuable. Your superiors would have no option but to consider your name before any one else.

Act like a volunteer

This is good for you and your company both if you keep contributing towards events, projects or community initiatives. This would certainly help in our personal progress but improve your professional value in the organization, as you would always be there in the supervision of top bosses. This would help you develop good rapport and relations with coworkers as well.

Networking helps

Networking is one of the necessary tools in carrier growth, you should not only have good relations in your own organization but in other related companies as well because these people are always on the lookout for skilled and qualified people who can help you if such a situation arises. The best way is to find a mentor for yourself who shall keep you informed and help you at every point, that is must for a successful carrier.

Leadership qualities

Leadership qualities make you most preferred among all aspirants for the next slot, even before your turn sometimes. This quality stands you out in a different light than others, if there are other qualities equal or you are lacking slightly in other fields, the leadership quality may take you to places. Every organization needs some one who can handle the situation from the front. There is one special point be noted at this juncture that when you fit in the groove best you may always face a group who try to pull your leg to bring you down. 

Therefore, this is better to know about office and politics as well, this is also part of leadership quality. To avoid such a position you should know that you do not have to involve yourself in any disputes and keep a hold on your tongue in certain conditions. This is better to keep a close vigil on your chances while increasing your skills and qualities. And if you still think that you’re not going to get your desired results in this company look at the other alternates.  .

Job satisfaction and your present job

DSC01955Job satisfaction is really a tough point to discuss at any level as it kind of depend on mental status that keeps changing especially while you are serving in private sector. However, this is advisable to keep updating and developing yourself with new skills during your current job, which would help you hitting the right opportunity at right time. If you still feel that, you are wasting your time in your current job especially if there are certain reasons like no salary increment for more than it takes or no timely salary or no promotion as per your expectation then consider a change.

You never know

That’s right, even a perfect professional comes to this situation once in while when he cannot determine whether to stay in present job or switchover. If you are not growing as per your wishes and efforts or you see no future aspects of growth in your current organization with same post and same salary your interest is bound to decrease and you’re your skills also get effected adversely as well. 

When an expert employee begins to feel that work ethics and merits have been left somewhere down the waste bins and buttering is taking over, as there are no ethics based activities taking place. Bonuses and promotions being allotted to lesser eligible and experts are being neglected, then that is the right time and option to quit for a professional who deserves a better deal.  

There are some professionals who can adapt easily to new strategies adopted by an organization but that is not possible for every one to fit into that groove with ease. I know most of the employees do it successfully but some do not find it that easy s the boss and coworkers are one important aspect that may affect your work, good or bad.

Environment of workplace is as important

If you find that you are unable to cope with the working conditions with your company and not able to communicate with your coworkers on a level playing field there is no use wasting your talent there but to switchover with immediate effect, although you should keep other aspects in your mind as well. And not to forget the bullies of the company who think that they run the company just because they joined before you and know how to butter boss well but that is possible where boss is not aware of his own long run good or bad points, which may go against his organization.  

Your suggestions have no values

You should monitor it carefully that whether your suggestions are considered or those go unnoticed at most occasions that is one of the sure sign that you have no value in that organization. If you are not noticed in important meetings with no right to make suggestions or no rights at all then that is sure sign that your time to quit is apt in place you’re served a notice or a pink rose bud appears on your table one fine Monday morning. You must no more wait for marching orders but quit on your own, earlier the better.


If you are an expert of your field then you have the initiative with you to leave your present job and join where you find a better opportunity even if every thing is working fine. Why should you work for lesser emoluments and perks in case you deserve a better deal? Never mix emotions with business but act as per your own best interests. Go grab the moon while it’s still shining.  

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