You are not aware about your true stature 

Most people think that they have a certain levels to achieve and once they reached to that particular level, targets or positions they never look beyond that and this is truer in most cases of professionals who end up their carrier at middle level. The facts prove that people listed below reached to dizzy heights of success because they believed and had the fire in themselves and di not hesitate to give up their jobs where they were not satisfied and knew about their destination. People like Dhirubhai Ambani, Jamsetji Tata, Lakshmi Mittal, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Sunil Mittal, Narayan Moorthy, Nandan Nilekani, Jai Prakash Gaur , Tulsi Tanti, Anurag Dixit, Sameer Gelaut, Ronie Screwvala, Gautam Adani, Verghese Kurien, Ramesh Chandra, Modis and so many like them in our own country. These people, who were well settled in their jobs or business and could have continue if they wanted to but they had their eyes set on different targets. That made all the difference and that changed the whole scenario not only for them but for us as well.     

Professional attitude at work place

pic1This is all about professional attitude when some one resigns from a top job in a corporate sector to go for a change. The fact behind the resignation is nothing but his comfort level that could be missing due to reasons not obvious but disturbing his working capacity. This in most cases has nothing to do with management being the reason of uneasiness or any one interfering with his decisions rather the management feels shocked while intimated by a senior professional about his decision to leave. They never expected that he would be so firm with his decision and nothing would stop him from leaving the company that he had been serving so sincerely to take to the top bracket of its kind.

In fact, the one who has full faith of management and board of directors, who were ready to give him new responsibilities but in case some thing was not right or missing the right kind of attachment that forced that senior person to take a decision that one does not regret although may feel hard to take. There could well be the cases of missing ethics that the person concerned expected to see in a company of that standard. That was not acceptable to my comfort zone that forced me to leave a job that could be a dream of top professionals. 

Acceptance of challenges

There is something called acceptance of challenges and the one who is blessed with this particular attitude cares for nothing salary, post or hardships that he may face while going for a new job altogether different without caring for the efforts involved that it would take while he would begin right from beginning. I had done that for more than two decades during my different management assignments without thinking for a moment. It was very hard to manage projects in a place like J&K where building bridges for army was a job that needed real courage but the attitude that pegged me in to take the bull by the horn made every thing easy for me.

This is all about accepting challenges that keeps a person going in difficult situations. I for one always have believed that doing some thing extra ordinary was way to prove ones metal and touch the greater heights. For me the old saying that said ‘no risk no gain’ was the mantra for reaching to the places where no one even dreamed about. I always thought that one who succeeded doing some thing outstanding was doing it in his own unique ways and not the way as most people, who do it by old and beaten tracks. 

Most people who are ambitious

That is right; most people who are ambitious and looking for outstanding success look for innovative ways without thinking failure for a moment because they know about their own capabilities. When people who have faith in themselves and in their capabilities decide to do something, they never hesitate taking their decision to leave the job and start allover again. 

Comfort zone is crucial 

For most professionals working in corporate sector, who are not ready to accept challenges, for them, comfort level is important to the extent that they continue there with feeling of satisfaction. They think that they should carry on as long as every thing is working fine, there is an increment every year whatever the amount and there is no one to interfere with their decisions. That is only mediocre professionals thinking that would keep them up to a certain point of growth and cease to give them newer heights in their carriers. They may complaint that they are not getting what the deserve but that is their own fault, no one is going to give you any thing unless you have put your claim and made your efforts what you seriously thought was yours  rightfully. However, your efforts were the key in fulfilling your wishes in all this dreaming and thinking.

pic22Did you ever think that if you have settled for a certain level for yourself without making extra efforts for the same or going out of the way to grab what you thought was genuinely yours? If you did then you must be aware about the facts that there is no use playing blame games with management for not getting what you had in your mind because you are getting what management thought you deserved to get. In addition, if you thought that you are not well off in your present situation then there is no way but to find alternates for yourself without making any further delays. I hope you are professional enough to know about what you are looking for, because without coming out of your comfort zone you are going to reach nowhere. Just look out of your self-made comfort level, there are lot of opportunities waiting for you or stop complaining because you do not deserve them. 

Make it sure

Let me come to the point right away, once you have decided to leave your job stick to it because if you felt shaky about your decision you would never able be to do it. In most cases when a good worker submits his resignation, most companies try to persuade him from doing so but one thing is for sure in case you have submitted your resignation and accepted to company’s request to stay for a minor gain, you shall have to wait long for another opportunity, which may or not come in future. So stick to your decision once you have decided to leave however, you decision should be well planned and not a hectic one.

Increase your network

Once you have reached to a certain level, I think mid management level is the best time to think about your future plans because by then you get enough exposure and people begin to know you also you understand your job well. This is about the time when you can use your ability with a proper vision to increase your network on a constant basis. You should never think for a moment that you would not succeed with networking because you are not used to it to begin start trying with a group that has common interests. With so many social networking- platforms available that you have every chance to grab opportunities without fail.

You must be flexible

It is one of the most desired qualities in a professional to be flexible and it is true for a successful leader as well. He must keep on alert every minute to see to it that every thing is working according to his plans but adaptability helps facing challenges therefore a leader works on day to day level as far adaptabilities are concerned although he never deviates from his plans. However, a leader cannot afford to be prejudiced, frustrated or partial in no case that would spoil the whole show. No such person would ever make a good leader or successful entrepreneur.

Finally few points 

A professional always thinks positively whatever the situation that gives him energy to do some thing extra ordinary. He always looks ahead with a clear vision that helps him newer ways because the one who looks at past comfort zone that he was enjoying up to now can never find  new ideas. The one who tries to adapt to every condition however difficult, ultimately find his way to success, professional attitude is what it take to be successful. 

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