Leadership- The Main Determinant For Achieving Good Personal Performance


The leadership and its different extracts

Basic Principles.

We have determined that leaders in both extracts any social, political, cultural, organizational and business, are important and many theorists and scholars, writes, lectures and treaties made to publicize the characteristics of leaders. That by their acts or results or slaughter, or failed to effect radical changes that education can be considered important for humanity. That's why the story prevails over time, by the irrefutable facts of his induction product and how to manage the different options and spaces in time where they found many answers, that's why we are labeled as people who have the ability to lead others and in turn teach, teach behaviors with boldness and ethical responsibility within the various changes and processes, enabling them to achieve a specific objective, goal or purpose. A metaphor predestined actions consciously seeking to improve conflict and that's where those answers flowed and acceptable solutions that will change the subjective meaning to many things, where ideas of grandeur led forge new business man that is not limited in its actions to making the impossible possible always in search of success and excellence.

Personal leadership is a quality common to all men and women. Each has within it the potential to gestate their personal leadership key to delivering timely solutions.
Analysis and description of leader and leadership

In a world saturated with problems, the universal cry is heard in government, business and professions expressed the need for a personal leadership. Who is able to confront and solve problems can make their own conditions. Given this shortage, we could suppose that would require a special optimism to say that every man is a leader, and yet, that's right: everyone is a leader regardless of age, intelligence, social class, education, experience or personality. Each person not only has the capacity to be leader, but exercises this ability more than you think.

Personal leadership should not be confused with the formal leadership. In the family, social groups, in schools and in institutions still underlines a leader. Life itself is an ongoing exercise that teaches us that we can be leaders.

Among those who are not leaders by temperament are some reasons that make no use of your personal leadership:

1. Lack of education: many times in life has taught us what not to do, instead of teaching us to do things.

2. The lack of experience at other times, knowing what to do, he avoids what is known practice for fear of making mistakes.

3. Lack of motivation has become widespread negative image of the leader. Therefore part of a fact: every character is a leader, but without proper training, leadership is as likely to be good and bad. Everyone must work to improve their personal leadership.

Man was born to be a leader:


Personal leadership is a learned process. The man was born to be a leader: his nature. But that does not mean born leader. Means she was born with all the talents, skills and attributes needed to develop leadership and was born with a very personal desire to lead, to build and to overcome the problems of life.

Learning begins early in life. Suffice it to a group of children to understand. One of them directs the activities of the group a while. Then another replaces it. He who can not be separated from the group and try to attract supporters through the lure of something different.

Through all of life is a leader of something or someone or in some circumstances. Personal leadership is a quality common to all men. Each has within it the potential for personal leadership. Those who discover the riches that life offers them, those who see the opportunities around them, are those who have dared to use their personal leadership potential. Leadership is not created by the situations, but by man's response to situations.

Personal leadership is advancing on the path to success. It is a personal motivation to better use the abilities God has given. Human beings in their own searches found great joy in living, in work, in relationships with people when he feels his life is worth for something. This is personal leadership.

Leadership is an ability to squeeze juice from life, is knowing what you want to perform and have enough confidence in yourself to carry it out. It is understood that the essence of life lies both in giving and receiving.

Our life is like a symphony orchestra and God has given us the baton of conductor. Who does not develop its leadership in life, somehow fails.

Personal leadership is a quality of man, interwoven into the fabric of your daily life, regardless of profession, vocation or field of work. Has therefore been able to somehow define what leadership means the staff will have meaning. "This determination is closely related to the goals and the distinct values of each man. You begin to have an inside view of what is personal leadership, when we talk about the meaning of life. Man not only need to find some purpose for living, you need to express. If not, the will to live becomes vague and nebulous.

Many men die in life because they have no intention of significance. Therefore uses the personal leadership skills and talents that each one has. So a person preparing for personal leadership through the implementation of the goal of life and personal growth as a leader, it is no longer an objective and becomes a team goal allows us to characterize the staff with whom you work, delegating functions where each one can highlight his own intellect running a trade do you like most and which produce the same answers or solution to any problem or conflict, always facing the reality of the facts harmonize ideas with clear purposes, from this viewpoint is that Global leaders are born.

For example

"If we can improve a law, protection of children, we will be sharing the idea of helping."

"If we can develop a mass vaccination campaign and total protection for a country we are coming to maturity of the leader."

"If we can reduce infant mortality in the world congratulate ourselves together. The stage of maturation must be reflexive so that it can generate a capacity building and improving our actions are to be achieved spontaneous popping results.
The chief, leader and coach

In organizations or structures are always leaders who serve different functions and roles which are characterized by the status including their actions in the same organization. Among them: the chief, leader and coach.

BOSS: It turns out that there are usually two words that indicate the direction of a team, not groups: head and leader. The first is to emphasize the definition of it: you define a leader as the person who is superior or head of a corporation, party or trade, is the person who is responsible for giving orders, to go to his head and his work is to organize and make the decisions necessary in its workforce, it is important to note that there are differences between these two terms according to their functionality and ability to solve different situations, but this goes beyond that, and we then speak of coexistence and human quality, which is what stimulated through an ethical standard and help to change what we know today and improve our present and future.

LEADER: A leader is someone who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved throughout the process. Decipher then a leader unlike the boss, not order, guidance, ie not to impose mentalizing but seeks to propose and direct way, namely that in exchange for giving orders for the welfare of its staff in charge demands but by example, and the people around you know how to do things, and know how to propose new ideas because they have seen how.

Then he talks about the creation of an enabling environment for team members to feel involved in proposing ideas and mechanisms to achieve the goals that are proposed as well, everyone knows it has a duty and seeks to achieve a goal without feeling the obligation or declare "too much effort to comply" is to convince your staff know that ideas are well targeted because each has proposed something to improve and make a good team when they are designed together.


An inspiring leader with vision, transcendent and Winning And by example, discipline, responsibility and commitment to seek talented individuals have the knowledge, ability, desire, and opportunity to succeed in ways that lead to your organization a success, setting an example, as a tool for possible solutions to problems or contingencies, using the basic and most significant element of any structural component and organized, " AS is the human factor. " Cataloged by major writers and critics of the global economy as the most important person in any business or organization.

The mechanisms to create in each of the group members aware of work and discipline in the work without them feeling forced or tied, the idea is that each team leader and his companions are convinced of their task and to this is important to enumerate some factors influencing this work.

Factor 1:


Without doubt, the conviction leads us to believe in what we are, what we know and strengthen our knowledge, for that reason, each of the activities that we develop should have that confidence in our work.

In addition, our activities must have a purpose which is the key to confidence and that this purpose is finally drives us every day, we are increasingly convinced that everything we do should be directed to the improvement and upgrading of our work. But we must remember that the end does not justify the means, this is to assess the human side, to meet each of the people who contribute to our project is part of the human qualities required to be an excellent leader.


The synergy in other words is the teamwork is the valuation of each of the components of a system in the scope of an order, in the work of reaching the goal. For the case give an example:

"There is synergy in our bodies that we may live."

It is the interaction of different components (people) of a whole (team) to reach a goal (Success), so it is important that within the basic rules of teamwork that the valuation of each, respect individuality and companionship, it can be argued that the term "individuality" is spoken of privacy but not the imposition of orders.

"This is the human part of our teamwork, learn to respect differences of each and every person to see a brilliant mind and a valuable effort is what is intended.


There is something called ethics of communication or dialogue, dialogue is the main tool in the process of raising an "ethic" of coexistence and mutual agreement.

Thus, the dialogue has been prepared as the main mechanism, but beyond that there are two very important values that need in mind there, and you can not leave everything to the word speaks of two categories of responsibility and solidarity, which seek to provide the ideal concept to practice. The dialogue should not be used as a simple mechanism to persuade or convince someone of a single purpose but their use must be responsible in order to get along and participate actively in proposing ideas.

"The idea of dialogue is that we are all partners in a process of continuous improvement."


Responsibility must be at the heart of each individual who composes the team, should be the key for each of us is committed and valued team goals as their own. Within this concept is not intended to provide schedules (unless the team agrees to comply with any) but to go beyond the concept of belief so that everyone felt really committed and without the need to observe any penalty (just the mistakes are made because there is no liability on the part of each component).

"The intention, encourage each person is their ability to perform without feeling obligated, is an individual responsibility, to himself."

Analyzing this definition, we can break down several specific features that should have a person deemed Leader:

"It has the capacity to lead others.
"It leads to another in a process."
"It leads people to reach a definite purpose."


Any person who is committed to leadership in your organization must take into account these factors.

* Must have the ability to lead other employees, this capability should be developed continuously, as that process goes on until achieving particular purpose.
* Be aware of what should be the process needed to reach a goal that is proposing to achieve the company.
* You should know the true purpose, he wants to reach the company, and based on that work in achieving its objectives.

If a leader is not convinced of these three strands, it is unclear, with the vision of its leadership.

Search of Excellence

For many leaders the pursuit of excellence, the matrix is more important when we crystallized our life project work or work in a well refined and solidified. that's why the pursuit of knowledge disturbing to apply towards conjectures and solve unforeseen obstacles where the solution often do not have it on hand, is the gap that allows us to reflect and coordinate tactical step or element used for a possible solution to our problems.

"Excellence is a permanent way of being, is doing things right, without errors, with attitude and willingness to serve"

"Excellence as a way of life" part of simple principles and rigid rules, a strong sense of leadership and ability to reinvent yourself. The need for a change in life for being dissatisfied, is to achieve a momentum that would lead us to that change. Sometimes the need for change arises from the need to be filled and vacuum away.

"The void is dissatisfaction" stems from our inability to live with excellence and we are filled with frustration, born of our selfishness capricious.

"Wholeness is living excellence," is self-satisfied, knowing the owner is self rule. It's loving and devoted himself to serving others, especially those closest to us, parents, siblings, children, family, friends and those they hold dear, even to strangers. A true leader always lives life to the fullest.

"Change is a constant of life, life is a constant motion, but time and fate in our hands, the change must be led by our own will".

The direction we can zoom from others, if the change is good, bring us, if we turn away evil. Our ability to reinvent ourselves is our ability to change, to be closer to the other implies a capacity to be desired in the eyes of people, if we give the best of us will be appreciated and wanted, missed and loved, we will have reinvented the eyes of others.

When people accept us is because we are nice, positive, useful, people want because we're about solutions and our presence radiates satisfaction, excitement, joy, for we are authentic and show us as we are, this brings us closer to others.

The real test comes when we look inside ourselves when we look to us, we look for in there encouraging us, ambition, power, money, pleasure, nothing, emptiness, excellence.

If within me I discovered what encourages me, then I discovered who I am, because what encourages me is what I am, if that encourages me is the passion to be great then I will be excellent, is the ability to be better . The path of excellence is traced by the values, truth, goodness, beauty, personal improvement and the common good.

The intention to change is not enough, change must happen from the heart to the hands, to give everyone the best of oneself, to create a culture of excellence. The habits of excellence should be appropriate to the needs of those with whom we live. The others give us is excellence, in doing so until it hurts, that is correct, the serve, in doing well, with passion, with enthusiasm.

Leadership begins with our own belief that we seek excellence as a way of life for the good that we grant ourselves and those around us. If we convince ourselves to take excellence as a way of life with passion, then it is in us the ability to be leaders.

Perfection does not exist, is not characteristic of men, but excellence and continuous improvement are capabilities within reach.

The change starts with our attitudes, but if we change our attitude we approach the changing habits. This is the key to be leaders of 21st century.

"Leadership is interpersonal influence exercised in a situation addressed through the process of human communication to achieve one or several specific objectives.

Here are the features that should be a leader.

* "Being a leader is to have self-control.
* "Being a leader is sure of my steps forward.
* "Being a leader is to make my goals.
* "Being a leader is to invent and reinvent my story.
* "Being a leader is not to deny that I get errors and I have the ability to overcome them.
* "Being a leader is to move your feet safe and able to make all my dreams.
* "Being a leader is worth living for excellence, to give meaning to my life.
* "Being a leader is able to take the first step, assume it is a guide.
* "It really give the ideas and have the courage to translate into action their wishes.
* "Being a leader is to think of friends.
* "In all those who follow us.
* "Being a leader is to serve the common good and serve with honor and loyalty.
*"Being a leader is to enable all development.
* "Being a leader is to ensure everyone's support.
* "It will serve you all with deep.
* "Being a leader is never falling into inconsistency.
* "It started the day smiling.
* "It be forever young, never tired fill.
* "Being a leader is being proud and satisfied.
*  The leader is an individual response to collective or social problems.


We have said that leadership is influence. A man can lead others to the extent it can influence them, so it has developed a definition of leadership: "It is' The ability and willingness of men and women gather for a common purpose and possess a character that inspires confidence" . However, the spiritual leadership is a combination of natural and spiritual qualities. The spiritual leader will appeal not only by the power of his personality, but by that radiated personality, given and enabled by God.
Final Analysis

Leadership. The staff will assume leadership when we begin to take shape and early maturity, based with the ability, responsibility and the qualities used to take a job where our human spiritual solvency is focused on harmony and personal security. While there for those "administration" and "leadership" are synonymous, a distinction between terms. Par actual effects may have unorganized group leaders at all, while there can be only managers, as we conceive them here in terms of generating functions organized structures.

The new millennium has transformed the practices of organizations and with it the skills and characteristics that the new business environment demands leaders. The characteristics I have described in this paper, we point out that the leader of today must have a very different leader for decades, whose pattern was consistent with further control and monitoring.

The leaders of the twenty-first century required a different preparation to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Knowledge of more than one language, college, computer skills and communication skills are some of the aspects to be considered to be successful and competitive leaders.

Today's leader must master a myriad of functions, to provide interaction with the environment and efficiently manage the destiny of the company. To be strategic, organizational and proactive leader. You must know and understand all aspects that can affect an organization, be prepared to face it and be aware of that as well as time goes on the road presented with useful tools to overcome any adversity.


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