Ideas to promote a website for commercial purpose

There are certain ideas for website owners to obtain better revenue for their websites as well help its writers earn better share from the revenue the sites wish to share with them.

1- We can do some thing on reviews of corporate sector if you can arrange good adverts from them. They would ready to pay happily provided they get quality stuff from the writers. Such companies provide detailed idea about their requirements from the writers and points to focus upon.

2- Sites like online/offline business with sufficient funds for marketing are always willing to pay good to their media partners i.e. websites in this case, especially if they do not have to spend too big and are within reasonable limits of expenditure. Sites like personal business, Flip carts, Movers and packers, 3-4 star hotels, marriage sites, traveling agencies, private sector airlines, spa centers, beauticians, big private hospitals, departmental stores etc are always willing to share their funds allocation on such articles provided they get good coverage. They are always willing to run their adverts on every such article, which hints about them directly or indirectly, and their payment is very good.  

3- There are thousands of private colleges who go all out for aggressive marketing to fill their allotted quota of seats are willing to allocate funds for the purpose, what we need to do is to convince them that we can do for them with our kind of viewers 

4 -We have different private transporters in passenger and cargo sector those could find our proposal worthwhile.

5- We can convince good private sector institutes in different fields who may find the offer lucrative because articles are listed in searches where as advertisements in print and electronic media are costly and short lived. 

6- We have different multiplexes/malls who may find our offer interesting enough 

However, we shall have to have good public relation/marketing tie-up with them beforehand get business from them. They run their adverts on such articles and provide necessary information to be used. 

Precautions while doing such sponsored jobs is to be very careful to not to sound overly publicizing a particular product or institute but we should do it limited to suggestive only. We have to keep ourselves within respectful limits, while doing such jobs.

Gradually we can expend our area of business to cover various fields including manufacturing sector and tourism in particular, If we can manage to tie-up with sites like Amazon, eBay, junglee and quicker etc, they provide their own adverts and commission on business to accounts holders as well as site owners. Whatever I have suggested is only an idea of business structure in this field, which can be polished to take a proper look.  

How to manage business

The best way to explore opportunities is to appoint agents to keep in touch with willing advertisers by the way we call them Public Relation Officers if in regular jobs and go all out to grab business. We should have a clear concept/presentation in form of ready references. I would suggest having a few such articles published on websites willing to enter into this sector. We have many such sites doing very well and paying very good upfront to capable content writers. 

In case any website owner reads this article and willing to see such jobs, I can provide him links of such articles. I must add here that while language and grammar is an important aspect of good content, some times an article written in simple English, to the point business ideas and content highlighting a particular sector’s demand, works wonders. Therefore, the content should be our prime target while concentrating on business writing to benefit both advertiser and site as well. Proper keywords, phrases help search engines listing them better even if we are unable to provide them Victorian English and it also helps a better page rank as well.

I know many sites, in fact I write for such sites on contract basis who are doing very well, these articles are especially designed to cater to such companies’ demands according to its pre-specified requirement and even they provide certain facts to bring their readers’ attentions to. I have a whole lot of data available on this subject. I can provide willing website owners that that would give them a more clear vision on the subject.  

A website can offer following topics – 

Category A

Beauty Supply, Cosmetics & Makeup etc

Category B

Voice, Fax & Telephone, Web Hosting & Domains, Website Development

Category C

Customized Fashion, Fashion Memberships & Clubs, General Fashion

Category D

ISO, ISI, Books, Certifications & Reference, Branding, Design & Promotion

Category E

Airfare Comparison & Booking, Budget Motels & Hostels, Bus Service, Car Rental, Destinations & Attractions etc, etc

(We can add number of other categories and sub categories in this list but this is only a sample list

But how to do it

Back to Sq-1, we may have good authors on our website with command over very good language but such articles are not those blog type articles which people find a ‘nice read’. The commercial articles are professionals’ job with an eye on prospective consumers/customers and for that you must have solid knowledge of keywords in fact there are companies who provide you particular phrases to include along with keywords to bring their targeted traffic to these articles. 

Maybe the site owners would need to conduct a qualification test to let some one attempt these articles also they should pass a basic test about keywords etc then place them under a category like A, B, C according to their ability. The payment parts to the writer go in two phases, first pay after publication and if the article does well in search engines’ listings, they get bonus depending on their performance. The site would have to keep a strict vigil to remain within limit of a site and an advertisement brochure. I am sure my suggestions would find interested takers who can contact me for further detailed information on the subject through personal messaging. Finally, a site doing such jobs always depends on a forum section with contributions from experts of the field.   


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