Time management and success

There is no work in the world that does not consume time. Yes, no work can be completed without spending time on it and every work related with our life is time driven. Some of us know the value of time but most of the people who think in terms of ‘We can do it later’ miss their opportunity because time waits for none. People, who are unable to manage their time well, never succeed in their lives. People who fail to manage their time properly and keep lingering on are known as lazy. The one who knows to manage his time well is a true professional who can manage his work and life both very well. 

Time management is simple

A professional who knows the value of time knows it perfectly well that a project is a time-bound job. The work should be finished within stipulated time-frame otherwise the work done may loose its importance. Now, how he managed to finish the job in time is what we call the art of time-management. There are certain easy ways to manage time. These may sound old fashioned but still relevant in management of time and keeping you with the best of professionals in the trade.

A- If you will go in search of time, you will not find it but you will have to ‘make’ time that is one of the best ways to manage time.

B- The only motto of time management is how to use your time with best outcome. You have 24 hours at your disposal; do not allow a single minute available go to waste-bin

C- While going for making a schedule for your next project, you should check with your last project schedule, if you think you can improve time management in present one learning from past mistakes. You stand a better chance to complete your job more satisfactorily.

C- Although you can divide and subdivide your project in different time schedule but never stick to it. If you find a better option at a later stage, do not hesitate to give it a thorough thought and reschedule your project. The ultimate aim of your time management is how best you can finish the job; there should be no limitations on rescheduling according to needs. You should see to your priorities before anything else.

D- If your time management is not working according to your plan, it is a clear indication of you mismanagement either at your individual level or your time management is not effective, scrap it.

E- Finally, if you think that you are an all-rounder who knows how to manage all that matters or can manage every thing on your own, it could be true up to an extent but if you have to ask for help for effective completion of your job, you should go for it, never hesitate to ask for help. We all know that a successful project is what matters in the end no matter how you achieved the success. 

Art of success from other species 

Strange but true, we can learn art to be a successful professional from birds and animals which are easily available in our neighborhood. It can sound funny in the beginning but if you consider its practicalities, you will find them amazingly true. For instance –

A crow can teach us- Successfully tackle problems of life also how to keep trying until you succeed in your efforts. If you look at a crow, you will see that a crow never sit idle but keeps looking at different directions. It is hard to hit a crow because it is always so vigilant. They never feel satisfied even if they get enough to eat but keep looking for more. Crow is a team player who never eats alone but whenever he finds something to eat, he tries to invite other crows to make it a community affair. We can learn many lessons from a crow that never cease to learn how to achieve with putting extra efforts. Moreover, the best thing we can learn from a crow is – team-spirit and willingness to achieve. Great Egret

An egret can teach us- How to concentrate on your work. Most people think that a heron or an egret is like a wolf in sheep but that is not true an egret in fact is a gentle bird who concentrates so hard on its work that makes it forget rest of the world. But once it finds it target, a fish, it ends up in egret’s stomach. But to achieve its target a heron/egret has to stand still on its feet. Most times the bird even stands on one foot to make its move easier. The lesson we can learn from an egret is to concentrate hard on our target that is one of the most desired skills in achieving success. Time is important factor achieving any or every target so you will have to keep an eye on your watch to make it time bound.

You are never short on time

Some people feel as if they are the busiest people in the world having no time for completing all their jobs. That seems to be one big problem for people, who do not know how to manage time available in hand. Actually, they are not doing their job in a planned or phased manner. To complete a job successfully one has to plan everything. They may make amendments at a later stage according to situation but the emphasis is on that not a single moment should pass without fetching a proper result. To be precise, the mathematics of time has clear fundamental values. 

If you consider time as valuable worth its value equivalent to money, you can open an account where you deposit 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds every day. The amount of time in your hands is 86,400 seconds that will cease to exist by the end of the day. Now it is up to you how you utilize your funds to complete your aims and works assigned to you. Tomorrow will be another day with new fund allotment with no previous balance. The process will go on, keep a strict vigil, spend carefully and be a good investor; you will make a good property investing smartly out of you account of time. 

Image from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heron 

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