For those entrepreneurs owning a Zen Cart based store, the Store Manager for Zen Cart is a useful addition. The enhanced version of the Manager lets the producers of goods a better choice of display by means of the drop down menu. It also lets the storeowner to change product features or import fresh products as required. 

High Utility Value of Zen Carts

If one is a store owner, he or she will be aware of the full functionality of the Zen Carts. Nevertheless, let us look at some of the features again. Firstly, it keeps the store open for business transactions 24X7. The templates have designs that use style sheets and supplementary images. The language has XHTML Transitional validation.  


Special Features of the Store Manager

Installing the Store Manager gives one enhanced features like creating the custom reports, updating the files and databases at the base level. It lets you control and manage all the attributes and products used via the Zen Cart software in an effective yet simple manner. The product costs between $89.40 and $149.50 depending on the place from where the order is placed.  

Superior Technology Support

One may update products and catalogs without problems. One does not need special training or knowledge of coding languages to do this. Based on the PHP and MySQL languages, the entire software has features built in, to produce perfect results. Moreover, nobody else can access your records, only your store authorized personnel will be able to access the details.   

Options for Merchandizing Increases

Merchandizing options include offering one or more items for sale. The owners fix the price and some will offer items free as a promotional gesture. One may mark the items at a fixed a price or offer some discount too. One can also fix some new price or change the attributes like rate of discount or last date of sale.   

Ease of Manipulation

The ability to manipulate an entire class of items gives the storeowner a distinctive edge. Entering values in the columns of the ledger and changing the values one after another is tedious. The Store Manager for Zen Carts offers a simple tree structure having a 'drag-and-drop' functionality that makes addition, removal or edition simple and easy. It extends the basic functionality and gives one greater freedom with their Zen Cart store.   

Support and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the website ensures full effectiveness. Web design engineers will provide alternative IP addresses that display 'Site on Maintenance' notice to visitors. The ability to sort the items in the product list, helps you give the store a clean look. Visitors will find the store more attractive. Use multiple images to enhance the looks of the site and attract more customers  

One can enable or disable the CVV2 verification of card support at the Admin section of the store. It helps you keep compliance with regulations of merchants' agreement. One may even prevent customers or allow them to buy only after Admin approval. This gives one complete control over the store.   

Constant Customer Support with emails

There are provisions for email sending--receiving and the space for archiving all these emails. The store is set to detect the search engines automatically, thus increasing the number of visitors to the store. Meta tag generation happens in an intelligent manner suitable for search engines. The best part of the store is that one does not need to put any price on any article that are on display. The store will just display the items without their prices to future customers. Store Manager thereby prove to be invaluable. One will also have separate advertising banners and separate Admin login facility for keeping the customer base and the Administration running smoothly. 


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