There are around 9,000 different types of birds. All of them live in different places. Some live in deserts, some in open plains, some n high mountains and some in water.

Among animals, only birds, insects and bats can fly. Birds are fastest among the flying animals. They are the only ones to have feathers. Apart from feathers, they have two legs, wings and a beak. Most of them can fly. However some birds like penguin, kiwi and ostrich cannot fly. All birds lay eggs. They lay eggs in their nests. They take care of their young ones till they are able to fly.

Birds have boat-shaped bodies. Their bodies are very light because they have light and hollow bones. They can change direction while flying with the help of their tails. Birds move their wings up and down while flying.

Bird’s feathers are of different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Birds use their feathers to fly and to keep warm and dry. Feathers: - a) flight feathers 2) down feathers 3) body feathers 4) tail feathers

Flight feathers are strong and flexible. They are found in the wings and tail. They help a bird to fly. Down feathers are small and fluffy. They keep the body warm. A new born bird has many feathers. Body feathers cover the whole body and give the bird its shape. Tails feathers help the bird to increase its speed while flying. They are helpful in changing direction or stopping. Male birds have long and brightly colored tail feathers. Birds eat their food with the help of their beaks. Their beaks are covered with keratin. They have different kinds of beaks. Their shape depends on the kind of food they eat. The beaks also help birds in protecting them from enemies. Keratin is the substance that is present in our fingernails. It’s protein that forms hair feathers, horns, hoofs, etc.

Birds sound

Birds make sounds to call their mates and to warn each other of enemies. Bird sounds are of many types. Cuckoo (koel), myna and nightingale make very sweet sounds. Peacock has a very shrill sound.

Place two bowls, each contai9ning water and grains on the terrace or veranda. Observe birds that come, eat and drink from these bowls.

Different types of beaks

The parrot has a strong, curved beak. The duck has a board, flat beak. Sparrows and pigeons have short, pointed beaks. Birds of prey like eagles, owls and vultures have strong, sharp and hooked beaks which help them to tear up the flesh of their prey. The woodpecker has a sharp, pointed beak. It makes holes in wood of trees with its help and up insects. Hummingbird and sunbird have long, pointed beaks. This type of beak helps them to suck nectar of flowers.

Nests of birds

Birds make nests to lay their eggs and to keep their young ones safe. They use things like dry leaves, feathers, cotton, thread, things and straw to build their nests.



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