States matter

Any thing that occupies space and has weight is called matter. In nature, matter exists in three states; solid, liquid and gas. They all occupy some space and have some weight. Anything that occupies space and has weight is called matter. We are going to learn about the different states of matter and properties. Matter can be changed from one state to another by raising or lowering the temperature

Properties of solids-Solid are substances which have a definite shape. Solids are hard and strong. They have a definite shape. Examples of solids are table, pen, pencil, etc.

Properties of liquids- liquids do not have shape of their own. They take shape of the container they are poured into. They flow easily from a higher level to a lower level. We can not hold a liquid in our hands to a lower level. We can not hold a liquid in our hands. It flows down. Examples of liquids are water, milk and juice.

Properties of gases- gases have no fixed shape or size they move in all directions. Gases occupy space. They do not have a definite shape or size of their own. They move in all directions. Examples of gases are oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc. Take a balloon. Blow air into it. It will start becoming big. This shows that occupies space. Now, place this balloon on one side of a weighing balance. On the other pan, place a deflated balloon. What do you see –the first pan has more weight.

Have you seen vapor coming out of boiling water? This vapor is the gaseous form of water. Hot water vapor is called steam.

Another activity by which you can observe water vapor- in winter, bow your breath on the mirror. You will see that the mirror has turned hazy. This blows that your breath has water vapor which has turned into droplets of water on coming in contact with cold air. Now let us see how these states of matter convert from one state to another. Dip one of your dresses in water. Hang in for drying in the hot sun.

What do you notices?

Water clothes changes into water vapor due to sun’s heat and mixes with the air.

Some examples of change of matter from one form to another- many materials change when they are heated or cooled. Lava comes out of a volcano as liquid or fluid. As lava cools, it turns into a solid rock.

A wax gets hot due to the flame; it melts and starts running down. When blow off he flame, it cools and becomes solid again.



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