Fact about flowers

  • The world’s tallest flower is the 2.5 meters Titan arum that grows in the tropical jungles of Sumatra.
  • Titan arum is shaped so that files are trapped in a chamber at the bottom.
  • The world’s biggest flower is Rafflesia that grows in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra. It is 1m in diameter and weighs up to 11kg.
  • Rafflesia is a parasite and has no leaves, roots or stems.
  • Rafflesia and Titan arum both smell like rotting meat to attract the insects that pollinate them.
  • The world’s smallest flower is wolffia – the duckweed of Australia. This is a floating water plant less than 0.6 mm across. It can only be seen clearly under magnifying glass.
  • The biggest flower head is that of puya raimondi bromeliad of Bolivia which can he up to 2.5 m across and 10m tall and have 8,000 individual blooms.
  • Puya Raimondi takes 150 years to grow its first flower, and then dies.
  • Two Australia orchids bloom underground. No one knows how these flowers pollinate.
  • Stapelia flowers not only smell like rotting meat to attract the flies that pollinate them but they also look like it (all pinky-brown and wrinkled).


Dandelions and daises are beautiful flowers. The world `dandelion’ comes from the French deutde lion, meaning lion’s tooth because the leaves of dandelion look like lion’s sharp teeth.


The word `daisy’ comes from the old English words `day’s eye’ because like an eye it blooms open in the day and closes at night.


Main point

Rafflesia was `discovered’ by British explorer John Arnold in 1818 and he named it after the famous British colonialist Stamford raffles.





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