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About your kidneys

Dialysis is a process in which blood is filtered through an artificial kidney machine. It is used to help those people whose own kidneys are not working property. In a kidney machine blood must pass through 20 times or more.

  • The kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs located in the abdomen.
  • The kidneys are the body’s water control and blood-cleaning plants.
  • They kidneys are high-speed filter that draw off water and important substance from the blood. They let unwanted water and waste substances go.
  • The kidneys filter about 1.3 liters of blood a minute.
  • All the body’s blood flow through the kidneys every ten minutes, so blood is filtered 1250 times a day.
  • The kidneys manage to save every re-useable substance from the blood. It takes 85 liters of water and other blood substances from every 1,000 liters of blood, but only lets out 0.6 liters as urine.
  • The kidneys save all the amino acids and glucose from the blood and 70% of the salt.
  • Blood entering the kidney is filtered through a million or more filtration units called ``nephrons’’.
  • Each nephron is an incredibly intricate net work of little pipes called ``convoluted tubules’’, wrapped around countless tiny capillaries. Blood substances are filtered into the tubules, and then re-absorbed back into the blood in the capillaries.
  • Blood centers each nephron through a little cup called the Bowman’s capsule via bundle of capillaries.


* During your lifetime, you will probably urinate 45,000 liters – enough to fill a small swimming pool!

* Urine gets its color from a yellowish blood waste called urchrome.



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