Globalization is a process of catering to the global market with products services. That is o say that the whole world seems to turn into a single market. Liberalization is a process of lifting controls on production of goods and delivery of services. This is achieved by doing away with the restrictions of quotas, licenses and permits. Each of us can have our own opinion on anything. Our opinions are formed by our experiences. Developed countries hold a certain view on linearization and globalization. People in the developing countries, however, feel that the two concepts crate more hungry stomachs than fulfilled tummies.

Let us understand a few issues involved in the two ruling words of the present-day world.

Globalization of food, tourism and entertainment

1) Food items about which we had only heard or had read in books and novels are now displayed on the shelves of our colony shops. Globalization of the food market has changed our tastes. Find out about the changes in our taste and our choice of food these days.

2) Globalization has also crept into our lifestyle and is changing our culture. What are these changes? How are we internalization them? For example, how do we celebrate our birthdays now? Was it the way our parents celebrated their birthdays?

3) What kind of programs do we see on television today? What kind of fare do we get to listen to on radio? Study and compare the programs we see today with programs that were featured in the earlier years of television in this country. What kinds of programs are more popular among the audiences? Is the mass media encouraging consumerism in the audiences? Is it influencing the common buying practices of people? Analyses the programs and study people’s behavior to find out the prevailing trends.

Other activities

Product-program-publicity: the invisible link

Talk to about ten people working in the media, namely, newspapers, radio and television. Find out from them how programs on television and features in newspapers and radio are formulated prepared these days, which the sponsor is of such programs, what kinds of programs are preferred by the sponsors and so on. Also, find out about products these manufacturers (sponsors) make and who their target audiences are. Study the sponsors to see how many of them are small companies, how many with a national standing and now many are multinationals catering to the international market.

Information technology boom and changing lifestyles

Talk to about ten computer professionals in the IT industry about their daily routine. Compare their lifestyle with those working in other fields. Understand the effect of their altered working hours, the redefinition of day night in their lives and its effect on their family members.

Food for fitness

Interact with doctors in the neighborhood specializing in hear care, obesity and diabetes. Understand how our present day lifestyle is responsible for our health problems. Find out how the fast food revolution that globalization ushered in has had an effect on our health status and on the nutrition content in our food. Understand and analyses the issue. Prepare a report on the kind of food-related change we need to immediately adopt to improve the nutritional status of the food we eat.







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