To understand this changing situation better, you must observe how open spaces in an area are being used. Prepare a report on your findings. Estimate how the chosen locality will be ten years later and share the information with your collage mates.

Your findings may clearly sow you that jump in the number of vehicles and their increased use causes traffic jams and puts pressure on the transport system. The time taken to reach from one place to the other varies in a day due to these traffic jams.

Fort instance, you may realize that trees are ruthlessly cut down either o increase the road size or to build hoses. Shortage of water I leading to the depending of bore wells exhausting our groundwater resources. Compare the conditions now with the conditions ten years ago and foresee conditions ten years later. There are in all areas investigated had similar problems or if they differ.

All of us are liked; animals, birds, insects and human beings. Thus, any decrease or increase in the population of any of those affects the others in some way or the other. The food chain gets affected.

Food chains are reflected through the relationship between lizards and insects, cats and rats in our houses, or mice and snakes in our farms. An example of food chain in an aquatic ecosystem is: algae, - small fish-large fish-whale. This is how all of us are linked. Similarly, the living areas (which are called the habitats) of different living species get affected as human population increases alarmingly. This is because growing population has growing needs; needs of food, housing, clothing, other social and economic needs and so on. You will notice that while the density of population living in an area is on the rise, there is no increase in open space. It is in this context that the cities and villages are extending beyond their known borders to accommodate the growing population.

Family income and size

The sizes of families with low levels of income differ greatly from those with levels of income. Compare twenty families with low levels of income with twenty of higher level. Find out details of the family composition. Find out the link between income ad family sizes. In earlier times, the poor considered more number of children as an insurance against death. The rich thought that any children would mean more visions of property, which would bring down the average income. So, they had smaller families. Based on your study, analyze if these ideas still hold for the two classes of people or if they have changed.

Growth in learner

The number of children of school and collage –gong ages has increased ten-fold in the last few decades, requiring establishment of many more schools and collages.

As the number of students increasing in a school or collage more classrooms are needed. This leaves no places for other amenities like playgrounds, urinals and lavatories.

Take the case of your own school, which you have just to join collage. Talk the school principal, teachers who have been teaching in the school for a long time, senior working staff and old students. Find out from them all details about the school.



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