We need fuels to run our machines. In the beginning, coal was burnt to produce energy. Later we turned to petrol, diesel and kerosene.

In the modern world, electricity has been a major energy source. It is also considered the cleanest among the conventional energy sources as it does not send out any polluting smoke at the point of use. Electricity could be generated from many sources.

The idea of making use of electricity miles away from its place of generation was unimaginable even a hundred years ago, and then came industrial revolution, which was totally powered by electricity. Today, we cannot think of a situation without electricity. Modern life is impossible without it.

The demand of electricity is growing continuously, no only in industry but also in domestic and agriculture sectors. An unpleasant fact to note is that as our income increases, our use of electricity goes up too!

Do you know that though electricity is non-polluting when it is used, its generation causes degradation of natural resources on a large scale?

Natural light is the best

On a bright, windy day, use of electricity in our homes is minimal: neither are lights required, nor fans need. Ensure good natural light and wind your homes by having sufficient openings for light and good ventilation. We can thus reduce the consumption of electricity. Use of compact fluorescent lights, regulating the use of electric iron and minimum use of fans will bring down our power bills by half.

Switch off!

Being with yourself and change your existing energy habits. Stop using electricity for unnecessary activities. Prepare a tabulated record on you progress in this regard every week.

How to reduce the use of electrical appliance

Labor-saving electrical appliance are flowing our homes. Reduced physical labor has resulted in people putting on weight even as the nation’s neural resources are vanishing due to over-use and over-exploitation of energy.

Seasonal change

While using energy, we invariably damage the environment. Visit the electricity supply office and find out how power use changes with time of the day and with seasons.

Stop power pilferage

A meter is always installed when an electric connection is granted officially. This meter records our consumption of power, and shows us how much we have to pay towards the bill. But any people take a direct connection from the electric pole, with out a meter. This felt of electricity usually happens during festivals and private celebrations. The extra load is unexpected and unplanned for it causes the transformer to break down, stopping power supply to the whole area. These are common problems.

Electric power supply system

Power is supplied through aluminum or copper wires. The choice of the wire depends on the need, and the kind of machines hat use the power. Find out the names of the gadgets used in our houses, offices and workplaces and dentals about the plug points from which we draw power. Similarly, learn about the specific 720,310 and 118 cables that bring power from poles to meters, from meters to switchboards and from switches to the point of fixture. Study the danger involved if the cables are not of the required thickness.





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