Difference between an electron and beta particles

Electron is subatomic particles that are they are one of the constituent which atoms are made of.

For any atom you'd find electron revolving around it as you may say..

Beta particles are electrons but unlike the normal electron. They are formed during a nuclear reaction or a nuclear decay.

You may come across one type of beta decay, that most probably an electron.

In reality beta rays can be an electron or a positron depending on the decay.

Proton is a subatomic particle as well but unlike the electron that revolves around the central nucleus, the proton is found in the nucleus itself along with the other nucleon particle called neutron.

Alpha particles are formed during a nuclear disintegration, called as alpha decay. They consist of two protons and two neutrons.

So technically it’s a Helium nucleus.

Alpha and beta rays are both formed in the nucleus during a nuclear disintegration.

Electron and proton exist in an atom.

Beta particles are electrons. the reason why they are called by a separate name is to distinguish those electrons that emerge from a nucleus during a radioactive process .

They were initially called so because the identity of the electron as a charged particle was not established when radioactivity was first observed.

Beta particle never comes from nucleus a neutron is converted to an electron and proton

proton remains there and electron is given out as beta radiations that’s atom no. of element increment by emission of beta.



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