Hawking radiation

As we know, a particle-antiparticle pair is sometimes created near the event horizon of a black hole. Why is it that the antiparticle falls into the black hole and the particle moves away from it? What is the determining factor of whether the particle or the antiparticle is pulled into the black hole?

It is not necessary that only anti particle will fall into black hole; even particle can fall into the black hole.

In that case, the antiparticle will be emitted. For example, from an electron, positron pair, positron can also be emitted.

In general, half the time an electron will be emitted and half the time positron in the above case.

How come the mass of a black hole keeps decreasing in that case? The antiparticle must fall more often into the black hole than the particle in order for this to happen.

the mass o d black hole does not decrease only because a antimatter annihilating matter, the black hole is not totally black, it emits a small amt o glow continuously so the energy content o d black-hole goes on decreasing steadily over millions o years n so its mass decreases slowly.

In an article written that black-holes cannot go on increasing in mass too. they reach a maxi mass, and then all further mass which gets attracted into it, gets seeps out at a increased rate so as to keep the maximum mass of the black hole same.

Why do they continuously emit radiation? I thought Hawking radiation was the only way they could lose mass.

They go on emitting radiation because of the Heisenberg’s uncertainty people and basically the whole of quantum mechanics which allows the tunneling of radiation past the black-holes enormous gravity. The quantum mechanics allows the occurrence of all events if they occur briefly enough. So tunnels that can lead out radiation do open, and hence the black-hole losses mass.

What exactly is Hawking radiation?

It’s so easy inside of the Black hole there is proton ring created due to tilde gravitational force Atoms got so much stretched and they depilate into pairs of lepton and protons and this proton ring has so tremendous positive charge which keeps antimatter aside far.



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