Big Bang Experiment

Objective of the experiment, it has no a single objective.

All the mass and the energy present in the universe was supposed to be present as small point. During the earlier seconds of the big bang it busted and the universe came to existence. To understand the nature of universe, the way it works. To understand the fundamental particles of nature, where the mass comes from (Higg's particle). The scientist's think that many particles were created at the time of big bang and subsequently converted to other. They think that those particles when found can explain the above questions. To create those particle (if it was created) a replica of that situation is created in the machine.

Regarding the technology:

It is simple physics. Where a force is applied on the particle through the magnetic field and the particle is accelerated to reach the speed close to light (approx 99%) speed. then they are smashed. At the place of collision many complicated sensors are present to take photographs of the event.

What is the importance of Higgs particles? And if we accelerate mass to the speed of light, would that mass retain all of its physical properties? Is it possible to accelerate more than just atoms to more than the speed of light, which makes time travel a possibility?

The Higgs particle explains about from where does the mass comes from. In understanding the gravity mass plays a key role. In the unification of all the four basic forces of nature to form a single governing law, the gravity is not accepting to unify where as the other three has been unified. So, the study about mass is necessary to make the unified theory. Most scientists believe that the theory proposed by Higgs regarding mass is most appropriate. So, they are trying to find it in the experiment.

The mass will behave and have properties governed by the Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

It is not possible to anybody to go beyond speed of light. It is a universal constant in all inertial frames of reference.

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