Can nuclear fusion ever be possible?

The world faces a grave energy crisis. Nuclear energy is the ultimate key. Can scientists bring together a solution to this problem?

Conducting a nuclear fusion reaction is possible, but there is a problem in controlling the reaction to get the desired energy.

There is a nuclear fusion reaction going on since before the formation of earth, that is the sun. we may efficiently use the energy released by the sun to face all our energy crisis and even it's the pure form of energy.

There is great deal of research has been done in this regard around the world e.g. scientists at CRIN lab employed four gigantic LASER to raise the temperature of magnetically suspended fissionable material, once the nuclear fusion starts it can support itself because heat liberated provide necessary temperature. Soon nuclear reactors based on fusion will become reality.

For scientists this is not an obstruction. High temp can be achieved by focusing lasers at a point in space on magnetically suspended plasma.

Nuclear fusion is that which that had been made in lab two weeks ,you all must read science magazines. Not yet commercially available.

Nuclear fusion is possible such as in case of hydrogen bomb, where at first there is fission to achieve the required temperature

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