Bermuda Triangle.

There are many theories some are below.

1. Due to extra magnetic field. Since it is located at center of the earth it can attract any material above it even an aero plane! Even a compass can be destroyed if we get anywhere near b triangle.

2. Aliens reside there every time when they visit earth, they believe its center for aliens in the planet earth. there r some witnesses who were captured by spaceship while travelling in an aero plane .Their voice is heard by nearest air station by the radio waves that they saw a space ship!

3. Due to the presence of Scylla and charladies (demons according to Trojan war legend)

4. According to Hindu mythology hanuman's son resides there in the kingdom of evil!

5. According to Christianity there r someone eyed demons. They live there, and also some demons which convert humans to skeletons by their sweet songs!

What is there in the Bermuda Triangle? Some Conspiracy theories suggest that there are "alien habitats" dwelling over there who "use some sort of equipments to protect their privacy there and scare the earthlings visiting"

The exceptionally high magnetic field which is created there which can attract the magnetic substances.



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