Electricity can be produced by various methods such as, energy from wind, running water, thermally by turbines, solar power, and the advanced one is nuclear energy.But apart from these there is one free energy source called as magnetic field energy.It is the free type and there is no external power given to this when compared to wind and water.


                         Wind energy is majorly used through wind mills.wind mills are classified into two types based on thier blades.They are shown in the pictures below.

                   wind2                                wind1             

                          The first picture shows the wind mill with vertically rotating blades which is uncommon,but it is more efficient.since it is vertical it has one advantage when compared to 2nd one, that is this blades can rotate faster than the other, since it takes wind around the blades whole. But the commonly used wind mills are the 2nd ones.


                                       This pic shows the interoior of wind mills discovered in 19 th centuries.



                                       The running water energy is mainly utilized with the help of dams.They are converted into electricity through turbines which generates electricity with help of physical energy.


                                       Electricity is produced when photons are incident on the photo voltaic cells. photons present in the sunlight abundantly available for us.so now a days it is utilized more in many countries.                                                                                                                     



                                       Nuclear energy is obtained by two processes such as nuclear fission reaction and nuclear fusion reaction.

                                       In nuclear fission reaction the the nucleus of an atom is seperated with the help of neutrons to obtain energy which is transmitted to turbine to produce electricity.

                                       But in nuclear fusion reaction ,two nucleus combines to liberate some energy. Mostly nuclear fission reaction is used in a nuclear reactor.In also nuclear fission reaction takes place.

                                       But nuclear fusion is an important reaction by which other elements are formed from hydrogen atom long ago.


                                               This pic shows nuclear fission in uranium.



                                                Magnetic energy is a free form of energy ,from which electricity is obtained with out any external force.hence it is advanced one.It produces electricity without inducing any external force.

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