Technology played a crucial role in converting the nineteenth-century world. People around the world started to understand and Globalize rapidly. As the communication between nation increased, people got more interested to others lifestyle. For example- We Indians got more attracted to western style of living.This also happened due to the British rule in our country.

Now, lets come back to the topic. As the railways and steamships were introduced  new routes different  to different nation. This new way of transportation become popular at a rapid rate and suddenly old traditional way of transportation were almost forgotten. The main reason behind it was that this new mode of transportation were faster and cheaper than the old one. But technological advances were also a result of larger social, political and economic factors. For example, colonization stimulated new investments and it required  improvements in transport, thus lighter wagons, faster railways and larger ships were introduced. They helped food to move more quickly and cheaply from faraway farms to the final market.

Of course, food is merely an example. A similar story can also be told about cotton, the cultivation of which expanded world wide to feed British textile mills.  

Railroads also have a distinct role in history. The pattern of business changed as one single area got connected to different other areas. Trades flourished and markets too flourished due to it in the late nineteenth century. Personally, too, people's live changed when work, travel and marriage pattern altered because of the large network of railways and ultimately globalization.

This are some of the most important dates on development of Technology which led to globalization-

1825, Stockton and Darlington railway, first railroad transport in England.

1827-1830, The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is the first in the US.

1830, the Stephenson brothers (UK) completely redesign the steam locomotive for better transport.

1833 John B. Jervis (US) redesigns the Stephenson steam locomotive for upstate NY conditions.

1837, the first use of the electric telegraph between Euston and Camden Stations in England

1838, Regular East India Company Steamship service begun in UK.

1840, The US has nearly double the distance of railroad lines as does UK.

Transformation of the iron and foundry; machine shop, and craft facilities in Europe & US.

1857, the first railroad opened in Argentina.

1866, magnets replaced by coiled wires in an electrical field to generate electricity.

1876-1910 expansion of railways in Mexico.




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