The minimalist style is widely used in interior design, from the decorations to the furniture of the house, but this time we will focus on the center table in the room. There are a variety of shapes and colors and can be purchased at various stores specializing in this field.

Surely, you might wonder what it is, well, the answer is very simple. All we did is make some small wooden blocks with wheels not visible (although they can do it yourself). The practicality of this table is that you can quickly change the design according to your taste.

But you can go further if you do not like the color or texture of natural wood (cedar, pine, walnut, etc), you can use simple wood, grain without too many buckets or a little sanding and painting can be several colors with a simple design, etc.. Another option a little more elaborate, is that the buckets are internally illuminated glass. Another option is that they are aged or metal can lined in leather.

There are plenty of materials with which you can make buckets according to the internal design of the living room. You can play with the color of your furniture, but try to choose the bins would have no relevance to your carpet, because it is a major part of the whole design of the room.

I hope it has helped and when you tire of seeing the same table, with a little imagination and a minimum of effort, change your table design minimalist mobile.

New trend in decoration: The hex sofa

We know that Japanese industry is characterized by a great advance in technology, which has led the designer to design the sofa Hex for the company of furniture.

Hex is a shape sofa very discreet and super modern. You could say that is so original that does not have the armrest, which commonly present the sofa we have in our rooms.

It is inspired by the form of minerals or the hexagonal shape of the crystals whose seat is in two places, and its striking feature is that it is in veneer plywood and this leaves the base and wrap the sofa on the outside by way of arms.

The interior designers are pushing for major changes and most advanced designs in their collections. The model is inspired by futuristic designs reminiscent of the fiction. This sofa is an example of how far you can be the Eastern and Western culture with regard to new concepts of simplicity and the importance of the lines in the models.

Besides being very original, the sofa has the particularity of being functional, elegant and practical. The arms of the sofa used as cup holders or a small table. Its price is estimated at around 200.600 yen (about US $ 2000).

When you want to buy a new couch and want to hit with a series outside, but very beautiful at the same time, think about the sofa Hex. I am quite sure that those who like to have original furniture in the living room, this model is perfect.

Center oval tables

One of the main strategic points in the decoration of the hall is the center table is commonly installed on all of them, and to be part of a cabinet that can put a number of items and ornaments, is useful for the views put some items to bring.

In the market for furniture we can find a variety of them and only have to bear in mind the style and design in the decoration of our room to choose the table that fits the room with harmony.

However, we can say in favor of the center oval table, they have a particular charm in its forms, since for this are easily adaptable to any style of room, leaving only to see the type of material of this and its color to fit with the environment.

The materials of these tables are quite varied and can be found primarily an upper surface of glass, but they are also very common wood or even marble, natural stone or any imitation materials through coating laminates.

The bases of these tables are different and should also be taken into account when choosing the center oval table you want for your room, as is often the basis of these has the greater role and decorative finishes defining your style.

Another advantage is that these tables has the heart to combine well in any decorative concept that exists, including the environments and minimalist lines or angles, as the delicacy of its forms gives the ideal counterbalance to eliminate the saturation of the environment.

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