We must take into account the size, the proportion with the space, placement and distance between them. It is also vital that an ideal distribution is one that favors the entry of natural light and ensure a comfortable flow, leaving the transit areas.

It is a manner suitable for furniture, it is best to attach the large pieces to the walls, using few auxiliary furniture and take advantage of holes available to measure furniture made to order.

To develop an initial outline of the distribution of your furniture, follow these steps:

Choose a central point, which can be a window, the fireplace, the location of the television, etc., define what will be the main activity to be conducted in the area (reading, resting, eating, etc.)..

As a player will choose the piece, which will be the couch, bed or table and east towards the central point, from there put the other furniture.

Here we detail what are the distances recommended for each environment with the aim of obtaining free space in which users can move with ease:

Between the sofa and the table center must have a minimum of 40 cm.

The distance between the sofa and the TV depends on the size of it. If medium 2 to 3 m.

If the distance is large should be between 4 and 6 m.

To be able to sit and move smoothly into the dining room between the table and the wall or a cabinet (cabinet, sideboard or console), there should be 85 cm. Remember that every diner needs a minimum of 60 cm. around.

The ideal distance between the bed and a wardrobe or convenient to be 90 cm. and 6th cm. is the wall itself.

The transit areas are broad terms man, more spacious feeling screened. The minimum recommended is 80-90 cm.

Furniture by the swimming pool

Faced with a life as busy as it is that we all live in the city, relax and rest areas deserve the greatest attention, for they will give us moments of peace and tranquility that we need to get away for a few hours of such activity.

Therefore, for the mood of the spaces around the pool at home, we must consider not only the decorative aspect, but also functional. That is, something that not only looks good but we also offer vast opportunities for many activities with the best comfort.

Consider all possible ways in which we can harness this time with our family or our friends around the pool and then decide to choose the elements necessary to make the space more welcoming environment we can.

One of the classic furniture that is imposed in an area like this, it is undoubtedly the couch or recliner in which always lying after leaving a pleasant swim in the water.

But not only that, but next to the pool we must look for a place in our department, sitting on sofas or in chairs specially designed to withstand these environments to the elements.

What a fabulous atmosphere around a swimming pool is that it supports and festive colors and shapes that would look cheerful, as are areas of total rest and relaxation in our imagination and taste may be these licenses.

These beautiful alternatives will make your pool your favorite resting place and a good option to meet your loved ones.

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