Conservation of Energy

Energy is the source of life.In our daily routine we use energy in different forms like muscular energy, energy used during running which is called as kinetic energy, energy used during work .

There are differnt types of energies:

Potential Energy: Energy present in the body when it remains in the same position is called potential energy.For example energy present in the stone placed on a hill,Energy present in the water of dam.These are the resources of potential energy.

Kinetic Energy:Energy present in the body when it moves or when a body changes its position is called kinetic energy.Examples of potential enrgy is energy in the running boy,enrgy in the moving ball are  the examples of kinetic energy.

Mechanical Energy: The total of kinetic and potential energy is called mechanical energy. for example energy in the moving fan.As the fan is at some height so their is some potential energy and as the fan is moving there is some kinetic energy in the fan Therefore moving fan has both types of energies and collectively it has mechanical energy.

Nuclear Energy:Nuclear energy is the energy stored in the atoms which is released when trhe atoms dissociates or associates.Energy released during the addition of atoms is in great amount as comp[ared to energy released during the dissociation of atoms.

Other types of energies are :

1.Light Energy

2.Muscular Energy

3. Magenetic Energy

4.Sound Energy

5.Electrical Energy

6.Thermal Energy

7.Chemical Energy

Conservation of Energy: Conservation means protection.IN the modern time Use of energy resources is increasing at each moment and the reources are limited .If we regularly use the limited resources like petrol they will be finished soon. Therefore in order to save the resources we should provide them the protection.

Energy Resources are of two types:

Nonrenewable Resources: These are the enrgy resources which are once used can never be produced again or their production can take thousand of years.Nonrenewable resources are:Coal,Petroleum.

These are the resources which can never be reobtained once finished.So we need to use alternatives to decrease the use of these resources.

Renewable Resources:These are the sources which can be produced again after they used.These sources can be compensated.After the use of these resources they are produced again.Example of renewable resources are:Sun ,Water,air

Sun:The light and heat energy released from the sun are stored in large panels or cells .The stored energy is converted into electrical energy and used for different purposes.

The heat enrgy released by sun is used by different solar devices like solar water heater,soalr cooker,solar cell ,Solar furnace.

Soalr cooker is used to make the food.

Solar furnace is used for the completion of reactions.

Solar water heater is used for the heating the water.

Water: Water is used to store in dams . Water stored in dams is used to made electricity on the grand level. The tidal energy of sea water is used by sailors to travel in the sea or oceans .

Air: Air is also used for energy gaining purpose.Air energy is used to move the wind mill. The rolling enrgy of the wind mill is used to move turbines which are further used to generate electricity and pull out the water from the cell.


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