Level of curved road

we usually see that when we have to take a turn on thee road we moves opposite side and we have to control the speed of the vehicle to stops it from slips away as if the vehicle slips it can cause an accident.When we take a turn on he road two of four tyres of vehicle moves up and whole weight of the vehicle comes on the forward two tyres which increases the case of slipping of vehicle if it is not concerned in time.

To stop such slipping cases the level of curved road is raised to such angle that when vehicle moves up its other two tyres also keep in touch of earth and whole weight of vehicle remains on the four tyres and it can take turn easily.

When the vehicle takes a turn the friction between the tyres and road treats as centripetal force.let me tell you about the centripetal force . Centripetal force is the force applied on an object towards the centre of the circle to keep it moving in circle.Similarly a centrifugal force is there which is exactly opposite to centripetal force tends away from the centre of circle.


Bending of Cyclist

when riding through cycle in order to take a turn we can note that the cycle bends with some angle. This is the angle through which the cycle bends to take a correct turn and avoids the cyclist to fall down.

Tan0 =v2/Rg

Here u is the coefficient of friction .

R is the normal reaction. Normal reaction is the opposing force applied by earth on any object.

g is the acceleration due to gravity.when a body falls down or moves upward it moves under the effect of acceleration provided by earth and this acceleration of earth is called acceleration due to gravity.

v is the velocity of cycle with which it is moving.

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