We are in the era of science and technology. Modernization is on high note and we are seeing new and creative inventions more often. In such an advancing time it’s ridiculous to nurture superstition. Oyr elders, even now, are lead by firm superstitious beliefs. They forfeit logics and indulge in weird practices that are harmful for themselves and the people around them. No amount of advice could fetch them back to their senses.

It has been observed that the ratio of superstitious beliefs is much higher in rural areas as compared to urban areas. This is due to the lack of proper education and awareness. Rural folk, without bothering to face some bitter truth, resort to often pervasive shortcuts to ward off evils on which they put the blame of their bad luck. Tantriks and quacks take advantage of this type of gullibility and make people puppets and dance to their tunes and induce the belief that they possesses supernatural powers. We often hear about such incidents where people sacrifice children and animals in order to please Gods and Goddesses. This is an example of selfishness and ignorance. There is no logic or base to such actions in modern society. We need to understand basic reasoning with truth and reality behind them. These affect our personal advancement.

It’s an admitted fact, “As one thinks so one becomes.” There is need for attitudinal change. Hence, a sound and philosophy of life based on religion and reason is the need of the day.

The doctrine of the Bhagwat Gita has the potency to solve the problem of superstition. According to the Gita, “God resides in the innermost recesses of the human heart,” Once this feeling takes firm root in our heart, it will result in a remarkable transformation in ones perception and behavior. One gets tremendous self-confidence and power of self-assertion.

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