Man body

  • Man is a living machine.
  • Small units called cells make up a human body.
  • These cells join to from tissues.
  • Tissues from organs.
  • Many organs make up a system.
  • Many systems make up a human body.


These systems work together and make it possible for us to live. We should take care of different organs to allow the body to function properly.


The skeletal system

Your body has a define shape. All soft and delicate organs of the body are well protected. What gives your body a shape and protects it and its organs?

It is skeletal system. It is made up of bones. There are 206 bones in our body. Bones are of different shapes and sizes.

These bones join together to from the skeletal system.

Skeletal gives shape to our body. It also protects the internal organs like brain, heart and lungs of our body. For example the skull protects the brain. The rib cage protects the lungs and the heart. The backbone protects the spinal cord.

All of our bones are covered with muscles. They are found under the skin. Muscles help in all types of movements in our body.


Correct posture and joints

Most of our bones are hard and strong. How then are we able to move and bend our arms and legs?

We are able to bend them because of our joints.

Whenever two or more bones meet they form a joint.

A joint may be one of the three kinds:

1) One which cannot move at all. - For example the bones of the skull.

2) One which allows a little movement. - For example the bones of the spine.

3) One which allows a lot of movement. – For example the hinge joint at the elbow or knee and the ball and socket joint at the shoulder.


We can keep our bones and muscles healthy by exercising regularly, taking good food and maintaining good posture.

We should walk, stand and sit properly. Our back should be straight, and hands by our side, chin in, chest out and belly in.

Wrong posture can lead to permanent defects.

We must be very carefully of our posture in our daily activities.



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