Every man wants shelter.

Every animal need shelter.


Most animals need a place their own to live in.

This place keeps them safe from rain, wind, heat, cold and other harm.

Various kinds of animals stay in different type’s shelter.


Most birds take shelter in trees.

They lay eggs and bring up their young ones in nests.

Different kinds of birds make different types of nests.


Insects too have their very special homes to live in.

Human beings, as you know, make their homes in houses.

Houses are buildings with rooms.


Some houses are small with only one room. Some houses are large with many rooms.

Most of people in our country live in mud huts with the roof made from straw, leaves or grass.

Such houses are known as kutcha houses.

People in villages usually stay in such houses.

The times used for making mud huts are simple, easy to find and do not cost much.

Most Indians are poor. So most Indian houses are kutcha.

Mud huts are not very strong. But if proper care is taken, a mud hut last a long time.

There are other types of kutcha houses too.

There is another kind of house known as the pukka house. This type of house is strong and made of bricks cement, iron, sand, wood, glass and stone.

We see such houses mostly in cities and towns.

Sometimes you may find pukka houses in villages.

Pukka houses are built in many shapes and sizes.

A small, simple brick house usually has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

We also have large single houses.

These houses have many big rooms and often are two or three floor high.

In cities and towns you often see very tall houses with many floors. These types of houses are known as multistoried houses.

Many families live in the flats or apartments of these houses. Flats or apartments are a set of rooms in a large building.

In hilly areas, houses have sloping roofs to allow snow and rain to drain off.

In areas which have regular floods the house are built on pillars.

You make help from many people to build a house.

First a plan is made to build a house.

These plans are made by architects and engineers.

The bricks and stones are laid by masons.

The doors, windows and shelves are made by carpenters.

Electric wires and plugs are fitted by the electrician.

The painter paints and whitewashes the house.

The plumber lays pipes for water and drainage.

A good house should have enough fresh air and sunlight.

You must always keep your house neat and clean.


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