Harappa was great Indian culture.

In the regions of Sindhu delta a great civilization flourished. The remains of the great culture were found in Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro.

According to historians the Harappa civilization was developed by Dravidians. They were great builders and constructed well planned cities. The Harappa people constructed wide roads with underground drainage system. They constructed houses with burnt bricks. The built houses were with wide rooms and windows to get good air and light.

The city was divided into two parts. The upper part was called citadel. In this part big buildings were constructed, like garners. Assembly hall, etc. the most wonderful water out. Many small and big rooms were constructed around the Great bath.

The main occupation of the Harappa people was agriculture and hunting. They cultivated fertile plains of Indus valley. They grew barely, wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits. They used metals like iron and bronze. They domesticated animals like ox, buffalo, sheep and pig. They made cloth from cotton and wood. They were good at crafts. They made many ornaments, weapons, toys and dolls.

Men and women wore ornaments made of gold, silver and copper. They also used stones and beads. Gambling, dancing, signing and hunting were chief amusements. Clay carts, wistles, marbles and dolls were popular with children.

Indus valley people carried out trade with Kashmir and Deccan regions. They had trade links with countries like Sumerian, Crete and Egypt. They used seals made of clay and stone. On some of those seals, pictures of a bull peepal tree were found. They used script called pictograph. But till now nobody could read this script.

People of Harappa, mostly was worshipped mother Goddess. They also worshipped a God with three faces. The historian described it as Pashupati. Peepal tree and bull were considered as sacred.


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