Climate changes.

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Different regions

Areas with a similar type of climate form a climatic region. Temperature and rain fall are the main factors which determine a climate region. The three main climatic regions of the world are:-

1) the tropical region

2) the temperate region

3) the polar region


The tropical region

At some distance to the north of the equator there is n imaginary line called the tropic of cancer. The imaginary line to the south of the equator is the tropic of Capricorn. These lines run right around the globe. The countries which lie between the equator and the two topics have a tropical climate. The tropic of cancer runs right across India. So India has tropical climate. Generally speaking, tropical regions are very hot and wet. But even within the tropics there is difference in climate, depending on any factors. In tropical regions, the sun shines brightly. The temperature stays high. There are places where it rains almost every afternoon. The Congo Basin in Africa, the Amazon Basin in South America, Malaysia and Indonesia have a tropical climate.

The other types of climate in the tropical region are the Monsoon type and the Desert type. The monsoon type of climate is found in south-eastern Asia and northern Australia. The summer here is wet with heavy rainfall. The western parts of the continents have a desert type of climate. These include the great deserts of the world. In this climate is there not and dry winds and no rainfall.


The temperate region

The climate is different to the north and the south of the tropics. It is not as hot as in the tropics and is called sub-tropical. Beyond this is the temperate region. The summers in this region are not too hot and the winters are not very cold. The sun never shines overhead. the countries lying between the tropic of cancer and the Arctic circle in the northern hemisphere and between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic circle in the southern Hemisphere, fall in this region.


The polar region

Beyond the temperate region lies the cold polar region. As we move up from the Arctic and Antarctic circles, summers become shorter and less hot. Winters are very cold and much longer. The seas lands in the Arctic and the Antarctic are frozen for most of the year. They melt into huge blocks of ice like huge White Mountains. These are called Icebergs. In this region the sun does not rise for days and days. At another time of the year sun does not set at all for days. Greenland is in this region. This region is also known as the Tundra region. The region is frozen for most of the year. The temperature does not rise above 10cilices degree.

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