Main parts of our body

Main parts of our body are head, neck, trunk and limbs.

Different parts of the body are called Organs. The head contains brain. Our arm consists of thumbs, fingers, palm, wrist, fore –arm, elbow and shoulder. The leg consists of foot, ankle, toes, knee, thigh, and hip. The arms and the legs have many joints.


Functions of body parts

Brain controls the working of other organs. Neck connects the head with our chest. Chest encloses heart and lungs. Our arms help in catching objects. Legs are used to walk and run.


Sense organs

We feel the things around us. This is done through our sense organs. We have five sense organs. These are eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. These organs help us to see, to hear, to smell, to taste and feel.

These organs work together. These organs take messages from the outside world. The messages are conveyed to the brain. The brain makes inner organs of the body to act in the way it needs them to act.

a) Eyes help us to see. They convey pictures of all the things around us to the brain. The brain tells us about the scene or thing we are looking. Eyes give us the sense of sight.

b) Skin helps us to feel, heat, cold, pain, pricks, pressures, smoothness and roughness of the surface are conveyed to us by our skin. The most sensitive skin is at the tip of our fingers. If we touch a hot spoon, the skin picks up the message. It sends it to the brain. The brain directs the muscles to withdraw the hand. Skin gives us the sense of touch.

c) Ears help us to hear. The ears hear different kinds of sounds. They convey them to the brain. To stop a harsh sound, we close our ears. Ears give us the sense of hearing.

d) Nose helps us to smell. It sends sensations of different kinds of smells to the brain. The brain then conveys the sense of good or bad smell. To stop a bad smell, we close our nose. Nose gives us the sense of smell.

e) Tongue helps us to taste. It conveys the taste of various things by sending messages of taste to brain. The brain then conveys the sense of sweetness, bitterness and sourness to us. Tongue gives us the sense of taste.

These sense organs are very important for us. So, they must be kept clean and get checked regularly by the doctor.

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